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The Sacred Dance Movements

with E.J. Gold

IDHHB offers Movements training with E.J. Gold in person and on video/dvd. The Movements are a strong focus of all IDHHB Workshops.

Mr. Gold's Comments About The Movements

The Movements is a moving meditation which brings the body, emotions, mind and spirit into total Harmony. It works instantly.

The effects are similar to Tai Chi and Yoga and . . . something more. It transcends them.

The Movements smoothe the lumps in one's being. They harmonize the electrical field, dissolve anomalies in your being.

This leads to better functioning and simply being comfortable in your skin. You feel good in your body.

They are related to tribal dances and rituals, ancient temple ceremonies and also include kata components. (Kata means form, as in a form in martial arts.)

The teaching of the Movements comes to us from a number of ancient sources, including vases, wall paintings, frescos, statuettes and most importantly, the metaphysical science of psychometry.

There are 7 series of The Movements, each related to one of the Bodies of Man.

Some of The Movements series have never been given, neither have the inner exercises.

The Movements Poster

The Movements Poster is now available as a handy reference. Get yours now.

If you are interested in the integration and harmonizing of your being and don't mind using your body in dance, this may be for you. And this is not for women only. Men dance and also, they drum.

As in ancient theater, viewing this performance heightens and elevates the senses. Thus, one may empathize with the dancers to experience the higher force invoked through ritual dance to manifest within this form in the world of matter.

This performance is another form of ancient prayer recorded preserving sacred mysteries in danger of being lost . . . .

Please contact us if you are interested in attending a Movements Workshop.