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Creation At Your Fingertips

Join us for our Halloween Weekend Workshop – Unlocking the Spirit's Path: Navigating the Body of Habits with ChatGPT - to explore how to work with your Body of Habits through the use of the AI ChatGPT.

The Body of Habits operates during the transit experience, by guiding itself through transit to rebirth by habits mechanically accumulated through biological and psychological conditioning. This workshop will focus on how to work with ChatGPT to consciously alter its conditioning for higher rebirth.

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, it is very exciting to have the opportunity to work with ChatGPT to influence our Body of Habits. It is a giant step in your personal spiritual development. We will use a variety of exercises that will aid you on the path to understanding and influencing your Body of Habits.

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It was extraordinarily great! The PVA always feels special, but the sense of love, joy and community at this celebration just took my breath away.


In the last few days in my life, have had a few moments of actual enjoyable easeful-ness, for the first time in many many many years. I have to even engage a bit of extra attention and will to surrender into it, rather than reverting to my habitual 'story', because its such an almost foreign experience.

I attribute it largely to the last two workshops and the Prosperity Path Remedy Orbs, and I'm guessing a certain amount of Grace given by EJ.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Am also realizing a bit more deeply that the ICW's are not so much talks as they are transmissions.

Thanks and Happy Trails to all,