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Spirit Dance

with E.J. Gold

In our society, there is often automatic and incorrect intertwining of sexual and erotic energy. Erotic energy is a much higher level of energy. ESD properly belongs in the category of spiritual energy. We will be dancing ourselves back into the spaces we have been before, looking to recover the erotic energy incorrectly assigned to them. E.J. Gold gives the means to take back the energy from past events.

ESD Instructor Kelly Rivera with ESD creator E.J. Gold

From ESD Instructor

Kelly Rivera

Kelly Rivera with E.J. Gold

Being asked to help facilitate regular ESD sessions for GorebaggTV has been a blessing of many petals that continue to unfold. In order to refresh my memory of the material as originally presented, I watched ESD 01. Having been present at the workshop, it was easy to reconnect with the palpable energy of the space. EJ's vital invocational work was the setting through which ESD came into being and the crackle could be felt.

Experiences, impressions taken in since that workshop have brought me to a changed space within. So hearing the ideas again, it was as if I were hearing them for the first time. It really struck me that ESD is a complete practice that can be readily applied to one's life situation. And the sense of potential for the practice is beyond sky high. We are given the opportunity to apply a practical technique that has been developed by a master to the task of reprogramming the unconscious habit of linking sexuality with eroticism. One consequence of this societal conditioning has been a loss of vital energy in our lives, energy that can be recovered through the technique of ESD. Moreover, we are given a perspective from which to view our sexual experiences empowering one to a place of conscious choice, including those sexually related experiences in which we may have been violated. What a gift to those that would receive.

Once again I find myself grateful, and with a small fire of urgency having been kindled that this material get out there as a gift especially for those brave folks concerned with the business of soul building.

What People are Saying...

Mary N., Grass Valley, CA:

Some days I didn't use the loops to dance or walk to because I enjoy Latin music and those are fun to dance and walk to also. However, I watched ESD III last night and just watching it on my tv in a horizontal position, I started getting energized -- without doing anything. And it was one of the exact energies that I experience during the Sunday morning workshops. So now I am totally sold on dancing/walking to the loops. And I would like to have them all because they seem to have different flavors.

Lorrie T., Penn Valley, CA:

This morning, I started doing the movements again -- I had stopped doing them for a while to concentrate on the ESD and to my utter surprise, I found that this machine moved more fluidly and lightly than it ever has before. I felt very balanced. More than I've felt in years.

Althea R., Nevada City, CA:

It's like I've come back from the dead. I was so sick just a year ago, with very acute episodes mixed in throughout the year, and now, I forget that I even have a chronic illness. And I attribute this to ESD on Sunday mornings. It happened exponentially in a matter of a few weeks. I am very grateful.

Jim W., Grass Valley, CA:

Thank you so much for helping to restore the quality of my life.

Leila S., Los Angeles, CA:

As a professional dancer, I have been involved in improvisational movement for many years. I have explored the myriad expressions of my own body and found freedom through the harmony that comes when we connect our bodies to music. I now appreciate how much comes into play when we dance and what opportunities therein lie. As soon as we commit to be with our body in space, we begin to connect our hearts, our senses, our energies, and ourselves to one another and to God. My experience with ESD is that it activates the central nervous system in such a way as to stimulate the reorganization of our inner lives and to guide the practitioner into deeper meditation with the primal elements of consciousness. It is an open door that welcomes all manner of being.