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Diary of a Teenage Vampire -- Pocket Mission

Diary of a Teenage Vampire by LeslieAnn is now available.

Just in time for Christmas, makes a great gift, is shipped via email to the person of your choice, for only $6.99 — that’s 30 images to enjoy and confess your vampire ways to your heart’s — or jugular vein’s — content!

Cost breakdown:

Diary of a Teenage Vampire Pocket Mission — $6.99

Swatch of Textile from 19th century Transylvania, Guaranteed Authentic — $35

WormHole Temporary TeenVamp Tattoo — $12.95

You get all three items for only $35 plus postage when ordered as a Kit, but allow for postal delivery of shipped items. If you need a Christmas delivery, we will deliver the images on or before Christmas morning via email, and ship the other two items via whatever shipping service you request, but you pay shipping.

Swatch of Textile from 19th century Transylvania -- Price: $35.00

Diary of a Teenage Vampire Images Price: $6.99

Diary of a Teenage Vampire WormHole Tattoo (only) Price: $12.95

Order the coin for $35 and you get the Tattoo and Images FREE!

YOU SAVE $20 on the whole package