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Drumming DVDs with E.J. Gold

DVDs from E.J.'s Weekly Drumming Class

For many weeks, each Sunday morning at 8:30, E.J. taught an online drumming class.
(Click here for a little history on these drumming classes)

Whether you missed a class or want to grab a copy of the class so that you can revisit the lesson over and over again, these DVDs are just the ticket.

More than bump bump bump

These classes teach a special form of drumming -- vortex invocational drumming.

Yes, a beginning drummer can definitely learn how to drum. But, these video take you so much further -- into the mysteries of drumming. Ancient drummers did not just go bump bump bump. There is a higher form of artistry involved in real drumming.

What secrets did ancient drummers know?

The ancients knew the secrets of true drumming, and E.J. is revealing them week after week for the lucky few that tune in to the streaming broadcast -- and for you on these excellent DVDs.