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Drumming 101 #3

Class October 17, 2010 Class with E.J. Gold

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Drumming 101 #3

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Percussion instruments are anything you can shake, rattle or aggress upon. The third class focuses on the drum which E.J. said he plays by feel, as he does all instruments. Details about tuning, the tightness of a drum skin, or options on how to hit a drum . i.e. hitting the rim, the center, with the fingers or just the nails, the back of the hand or rolling parts of the hand and / or fingers . will be worked out later.

Regarding buying a drum, E.J. cautioned not to purchase online without actually trying it . even the .very same. drum will sound different with two side-by-side. Two questions to consider are: what.s your budget, and are you using the drum as a professional or amateur? E.J. showed and discussed many different types of drums, including djembe, tablas, congas, bongos and drum kit.

Train yourself by selecting your favorite music. Music from Where You Are by Dru Kristel was put on. E.J. clapped his hands and showed how to accent different beats in a four count measure . showing both the down beat stressing 1 and 3 in addition to the back beat stressing 2 and 4.

Learn how to lock down the beat verbally, with hand clapping or by clapping on your thighs. Be patient . if you have a body, you have a drum. Once you get an idea how time works, then the drum becomes important. Learn the rules. Find the beat before breaking the rules. For homework, listen to some music. First find the beat, count to yourself as you listen, then turn the volume of the music down to zero for a few seconds to see if you can keep the beat. When you turn the volume back up, see if you are locked onto the beat.