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DVD cover for Magic as a Transformational Tool by E.J. Gold

Magic as a Transformational Tool

with E.J. Gold, Claude Needham & Eric Feingold

Price: $29.95

Approx. 1 hour | November 20, 2010 with Spanish translation

In the course of developing Crystal Quantum Radiotm Beta-Blocker apparatuses and astral projection methodologies, it became obvious that this same technology could be applied to the Way of Service.

Theatrical magic provides instructional opportunity at the same time a genuine Way of Service for which you are paid with baraka which you need as a fuel for transformation. Transformation can't happen without fuel, and service is the best way to get that special fuel.

photo of E.J. Gold demonstrating French drop routine to group of students
photo of E.J. Gold demonstrating card routine to group of students
photo of international students practicing French drop

It's all very transactional. You exchange service for fuel for transformation. The service you provide, in this case theatrical magic, provides you with the force of necessity, and others with the fuel they need for their transformation. You take your place in the chain.

E.J. Gold delivers the basic theory of magic as a Way of Service and discusses the role of the magician and the necessity created by using this method.

Eric Feingold was invited to translate into Spanish the entire talk as E.J. delivered it to the workshop.