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DVD cover for Magic in the Mirror by E.J. Gold

Magic in the Mirror

Price: $39.95

Approx. 20 minutes

DVD back cover text:

"There is no thing.

There is no reflection.

There is only the Mirror

And you cannot see it . . ."

-- E.J. Gold

"I LOVE Gold's mirror work. It suits my personality. I am quite vain and I LOVE the strange, unusual phenomena. In following these simple instructions, my work space transforms into a limitless potential of every changing mystery. The reflection lives." -- Jinjer C. Rojjers

The instructions on this DVD are very specific. You are given everything you need to perform the rituals shown. If you are capable of learning the simplest and most basic magic trick on the planet (The French Drop) then you are capable of following the path illustrated in this DVD.

"Magic in the Mirror is something you must see. It is a thing of beauty and magic. It's a portal to our other selves and other worlds; ancient worlds and practices...It is the mystery of Being and Reality. Even if you have no intention to ever do the actual 'Magic in the Mirror' practice, you owe it to yourself to watch this DVD at least once." -- Dokgoth