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Creation Story Verbatim Script

By E.J. Gold

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Creation Story Verbatim, a play by E.J. Gold, opens with Archangel Gabriel having dinner with the Lord in her tent. In order to circumvent having to eat the Lord's favorite dinner entree, lamb's eyes, Archangel Gabriel asks the Lord to tell him about humans of the solar moon Earth.

The Lord tarried in her response which allows for the comedic dynamic between the Lord and Gabriel to unfold. Eventually the Lord launches into a story of her own visit to this insignificant mudball.

Gabriel is shocked by the Lord's revelation of an accident that happened which infected humans with something that produced a third brain. And as it happened, this little accident prompted the expulsion of humans from the garden.

As the narrative progresses Gabriell declares his ignorance of certain areas of the human experience and the Lord complies with his inquiry by delivering simulations of certain typical experiences.

Looking at humans from the perspective of the Lord's chamber provides a broad landscape for hilarious episodes The play is justifiably subtitled A Divine Comedy.


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