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Ritual Chamber Set Up and Activation

A Waking State Series DVD

with E.J. Gold

Price: $24.95

Approx. 60 minutes

Ritual has been used for thousands of years to reinforce and actualize specific intentions of one kind or another. Mr. Gold has taken a contemporary hi-tech approach to this ancient science and art to create a prototype environment, a work chamber that effectively allows anyone to establish and fortify a beachhead in the 4th dimension.

The intention for this work chamber is to ritualize the waking state. Why? For the simple reason that it makes this potentially highly chaotic state easier to handle. Specific detailed instructions are given on how to set-up the space, what ritual items to use and how to use them.

Some of the principles behind how this ritual chamber operates are examined in depth using the analogy of a crystal radio. Also looked at is the phenomena of sympathetic vibrations and waveform behavior across the electromagnetic spectrum. With this DVD, Gold presents us with a scientific and an artistic basis for real magic. He gives us the ways and means to incorporate this vital practice into our daily work life. A key to the door of the magic theater has been given. It's our decision to enter or not.

After years of personal research with piecemeal results -- suddenly this gift, a comprehensive, practical and soundly work-based guide to evolutionary magic. -- G.K.R., Core Group

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Ritual Chamber Set-Up

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