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Drawing Books

Draw Good Now, E.J. Gold

This is the book that started it all. The images in this book comprise a teaching tool created by internationally renowned artist E.J. Gold from which many different exercises and drills utilizing these images were given to class members.

A good book to start with

Awesome Graphite Landscapes, E.J. Gold

Difficult and easy Dutch-master style landscapes drawn in graphite by E.J. Gold with his commentary and instruction on how you, too, can draw beautiful and awesome graphite landscapes.

Might be a good second book.

Charcoal Nudes, E.J. Gold

Charcoal is a much different drawing media than graphic. However, graphic and charcoal compliment each other nicely.

When you have some confidence in graphic, give charcoal a whirl.

Mysteries of Still Life, E.J. Gold

This book is applicable to drwing, painting, and even sculpting.

Good for deeper study.

Miro's Dream, E.J. Gold & Iven Lourie

The illustrations in this book are great inspiration.

An excellent bit of extra-curricular activity :)

Pure Gesture, Art of E.J. Gold, text by Linda Corriveau, Photoart by Nona Hatay

The illustrations in this book are great inspiration.

An excellent bit of extra-curricular activity :)

Pen Mind, Beginner's Mind

This book (written by Jim Hodgkinson) illustrates well a beginner's journey. You may recognize Jim as Rocky's Music and Art (the caretaker) of "Draw Good Now" youtube playlist.