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Clear Light Blessing USB

Price: $24.95

Your Clear Light Blessing USB comes with a beautiful photo of E.J. on the outside and contains:

  • 5 separate MP3 files of E.J. reciting The Clear Light Prayer, Meditation for Pushing Away The Womb Door, Prayer for Completion in the Real World, Prayer of Merging into at-one-ment With the Void and throat-chanting.
  • 2 Photos of E.J. delivering The Clear Light Blessing at the Clear Light Temple in Crestline, California, circa 1975. One in black and white and one in sepia tone
  • 1 MP4 image with fading words "Blessings to You" of E.J. delivering The Clear Light Blessing at the Clear Light Temple in Crestline, California, circa 1975.
  • 1 GoddGames Blessing Orb for use on Windows PC
  • 1 MP4 Blessing Orb Quantum Magic Video

Each USB carries a personal Blessing, performed as E.J. signs your card.

When you're at your wit's end, that is, if you have any left by that point, and all is dark and hopeless, you can turn to your computer and pop in this BLESSINGS USB. Listen to the spoken verse, letting it sink into your deep self. View the photos of Compassion in its incarnate form of EJ Gold, and return the gun to the drawer. You won't feel the need for it anymore.

Eric Brummel

Clear Light Blessings USB card has EJ sitting on the happy Chair passing on the blessings so happily. I have the intuition that I instantly receive the blessing from the Guru which is essential for the Work.

EJ's Blessings has the power to traverse the complicated path so easily. Because of this Blessings card which I have put in the kitchen from where Blessings goes to food which is delivered to my family by my wife carries the blessings to all who eat!! is not that wonderfully blessed food?!? I am so grateful and thankful for the Blessings USB Card which is Clear Light Blessing the Form.

Jayesh Patel JP

This Blessing Card is a real blessing! I purchased five and gave them all away. To me, gifting these cards is a way to share with friends and family the blessings and joy I experience everyday from being in contact with EJ's work community.

Sandy Landin

"I thank EJ for sending this powerful packet of blessings in usb card format personally signed by him. I first opened the blessings QMV and ran it for my home and blessings and there was a sudden burst of energy and his powerful blessings. He delivers blessings in his own voice in blessings QMV. Then i opened the mp3 file in which EJ is reading the mantra for closing the womb of 6 lower dimensions and there was again some burst of energy. Then i opened his clear light darshan hall picture and there was again some sort of burst of Shakti. And then i opened All files one by one where EJ is reading different prayers and I felt instant transmission of blessings with each reading with lots of shakti. This is incredible stuff . Unbelievable and totally Unmissable. I am keeping EJs blessings card with darshan hall blessed photo on my Altar and infront of me for my beacon sessions and soon will be printing a large picture of EJ giving darshan. I knew each item from EJ has power but this was something unimaginable. A real personal blessings as promised by EJ. Was waiting for something like this for long. Its like a Blessings identity card. You own it and you become instantly member of EJs blessings society. Gratitude and pranams to EJ."

Rohit Agarwal

In 1975, I had the privilege of being part of a select group of individuals who visited the Clear Light Temple in Crestline, California with EJ. The opportunity to witness such a special place was a blessing, and even now, I feel grateful for it. The experiences and memories I gained from being there with EJ were truly extraordinary. The lessons I learned and the moments we shared enriched our lives and left us with memories that will last a lifetime. Whenever I hear EJ's voice reciting the Clear Light Blessing, it takes me back to that special place, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Toni Paulson

I love my blessings card. I keep it in my wallet. What a wonderful way to carry blessings everywhere!

The sound of EJ reciting prayers and chants is very powerful, I especially like the "Prayer of Merging into At-One-Ment with the Void".

I highly recommend seeing the videos too. They'll take you to higher realms of consciousness and boost your spirit.

I'm so happy with my card that I've purchased more to give to friends and family, spreading the goodness as far as I am able. Much gratitude to E.J. Gold for coming up with an inexpensive tool to carry his blessings in such an easy and artistic way.


I carry the Blessing Card with me wherever I go. It helps me to quiet the mind, open my heart and stay present in the moment.

It is an essence wisdom seed and quantum connection to the Teacher, Teachings and Soul Group.

The Blessing card contains the sound of EJ's voice and image, which for me, is a powerful source and transmission of the Clear Light.

I am deeply grateful for the grace of the Blessing Card.