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IDHHB Audio Books

Below is a variety of material in which you can listen to E.J. Gold reading from some of his many works. Also included is chanting, storytelling, plus an in-depth radio interview.

This recording of E.J. Gold reading The American Book of the Dead is a must-listen for those interested in death and dying and those that seek to live an awakened life. Through his inspired reading of the sacred text, Gold provides ample opportunity to dive deep into the ABD.

Clear Light Blessing USB comes with a beautiful photo of E.J. on the outside and contains: 5 separate MP3 files of E.J. reciting The Clear Light Prayer, Meditation for Pushing Away The Womb Door, Prayer for Completion in the Real World, Prayer of Merging into at-one-ment With the Void and throat-chanting. PLUS 2 photos, 2 mp4 files, and a Blessing Orb.

SlimeWars is intended to be read aloud in groups. It has a special purpose, of stimulating various parts of lower and higher centers, from the moving/instinctive all the way to the highest essential centers, in chordal groupings and multi-level responsive interactions, in much the same way as the interwoven parts of an orchestral work would function for the stimulation of various parts of psycho-emotional and sometimes spiritual centers.

The teachings of the American Book of the Dead (ABD) are those ancient instructions on living and dying as found in the traditions of ancient Egypt and Tibetan monasteries now written and spoken in modern English. They are like sacred prayers being made easily accessible to the West.

As one hears the words of the ABD recited by its author E.J. Gold, an expansive vision presents itself. While listening, the teaching unfolds and certain concepts present themselves coalescing as encapsulated ideas which form in one's consciousness in such a way as to be assimilated in a deeper understanding.

At last! A proven method for raising yourself from the dead, just like I did, by playing a CD in the privacy of your own home. In only minutes a day, you can get fast, fast relief

Right now we're going to do a little chanting and as I do the chanting I want you to go with me into a different space; a space in which each of the syllables of the chant is a rejecter of rebirth in the lower worlds so you're going to remain in the space of chanting.

EJ Gold, the Hi-Tech Shaman is a master storyteller with a deep understanding of human nature and a comedic mind.

There is a timeless quality to his tales. Humor is scattered throughout these stories. These stories change the way we think and the way we feel. They question how things are and offer glimpses of how they might be.

Don't worry about those strange new sensations and cosmic thoughts. They're not important. After all, you're dead. What more can happen?

If you're thinking about dying but don't know where to begin - relax! The Hi-Tech Shaman will provide a guided tour of all the strange lands on the High Road to Consciousness.

A dramatic reading of the beginning segment of the book LMG by E.J. which includes the lazy man's way to confront the symptoms of death and hang out in white light regions. Key passages read -- Symptoms, First Stage, The Clear Light with background music and sound effects.

E.J. delivers detailed precise instructions for moving through BardoTown, acting as a guide to the Afterlife directing one past numerous seductions of rebirth in order to make the connection with the school.

Mary Houston interviews E.J. Gold. In this lighthearted yet informative interview, Mr. Gold discusses the human biological machine, the chronic, transformation and the upcoming Chronic Workshop. A practical treatment of the subject provides the best introductory single cassette talk for new students of the Work. Highly recommended.

An interview of E.J. conducted by visiting students from Spain (2002)

During the December 2002 workshop several students from Spain came armed with questions from fellow group members in Europe to ask Mr. Gold. Producing artwork, working in business, fear of death, and being of service are topics covered in this interview. Mr. Gold explains how these diverse areas can all be used as tools for self transformation. Mr. Gold compares his role as a teacher to that of a coach. In this work the teacher "can not do it for you." Each one is responsible to pull oneself up by one's own boot straps.