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Using A Mala

When the mala has been charged it can be used as a healing instrument by pointing the tassle toward the area in need of healing and allowing the energy to flow from the mala into that area.

It can also be used to rebalance the aura by sweeping the tassle over the energy field in need of rebalancing.

To use the mala as a meditation device, arrange the mala on the work surface so that it lies with the tassle pointing toward you.

Contemplate the mala.

Pay attention to each bead, the rhythm and pulse of the pattern; the feel of the wholeness made from the parts.

Sit with the mala as long as you like.

After a while of sitting with the mala take the it in your hand.

Again, pay attention to each bead, the rhythm and pulse of the pattern; the feel of the wholeness made from the parts - but this time from the sense of touch rather than of sight.

Let each bead slide over your fingers observing it as it passes.

Each bead a universe - a world to itself and yet connected to the whole.

Round and round it goes, always the same.

Representing the blinking on and off of the universe.

A shorter, more mobile meditation can also be done anytime during the day.

Carry the mala with you in its protective pouch. At various times throughout the day take the mala in your hand and move the beads through your fingers one by one, repeating a mantra or prayer or simply placing your attention on the universe of each bead as you pull it into existence and then let it pass as another universe takes its place.

Round and round. Always the same.