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I loved this last workshop even though I missed some of the classes but I really enjoyed what I could attend. I built an armchair, some walls, a table... and could be in touch with many friends in work. I am looking forward to learning more about building and to working together. PVA has brought Home to home. Thanks to everyone who is making possible. -- C.S. Spain

"i really liked the workshop my gratitude is off the charts right now" Mark C.

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Gorby's Mystic Tarot

After so many years of being asked to produce a Tarot Deck E.J. Gold has finally done it! Made completely by hand in his studio at least for the time being. These cards are endowed with the Magician's Magic.

24 / 7 GOREBAGGTV (Streaming FREE to the world)

Free broadcasting 24/7 live music, classes, shows, Bardotown News, much more on Impromptu talks, appearances, performances by E.J. Gold. Free! For the Schedule and more info, click here. For the broadcast, click here.

Inner Circle (ICW) & other Passworded WORKSHOPS on IDHHB STREAM

Passworded workshops and classes with E.J. Gold and others, including Inner Circle Workshops, House Concerts, Guitar Classes, Zen Flute Classes. For more info, click here.To REGISTER, click here. For the BROADCAST, click here.

The Midas Project

The Midas Project | School Lineage Starter Kit

Striking it rich with pocket change, getting psychic reads from ancient coins ... and More

Saturday and Sunday Inner Circle Online TV Workshops with E.J. Gold

Inner Circle Workshops | Broadcast | Register

Saturday & Sunday Inner Circle Online TV Workshops with E.J. Gold, Claude Needham cover current topics and your questions ... More ...

photo of E.J. Gold conducting drumming class online

Beginning Drumming Classes | Classes on DVD

Learn to play a djembe and dumbek Sunday mornings with E.J. Gold, 8:30 a.m. Pacific ... More ...

Beta Blocker Spirit Radios by E.J. Gold & Claude Needham suppress beta brainwaves, allowing alpha-theta psychic intuitive to be

Brane-Power® CQR - Crystal Quantum RadiosTM

E.J. says if you block your beta, you can tap into your own creativity, your own intuition and you can access your own parallel worlds ... now featuring Astral Projection Kits and More

The Vortex Healing Ashram Retreat Project

The Vortex Healing Ashram Retreat Project

E.J. Gold is finally making plans to open an ashram ... More

Zen Flute with E.J. Gold

Zen Flute | Backing Tracks

Classes Sundays from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. PST on IDHHB TV, concerts and CDs by E.J. Gold including The Zen of Gorebagg, Teahouse of Tranquility, The Deepest Well, Woodland Spirits, Spirit Thunder, Amazon Forest Forever Green ... More...

Cosmo Connection Headband

Cosmo Connection Headband

Combine a reading artifact from the Cosmo Street center of IDHHB in the 1970s with crystal quantum radios ... More...

BardoTown DeathRun, the latest PC Video from GODD Games -- A game about the Afterlife

Video Games from GODD Games

BardoTown DeathRun, Dragons & Unicorns, Dragon3D, Tesla, Ghost Hunter & Fartbomb Downloads Now Available from GODD Games are now available to download for $6.95 and on CD for $16.97. More

photo of dvd, Angel Lights Healing

Angel Lights Healing

Direct intuitive visualization process ... More ...

Angel of Cathedral, painting by E.J. Gold

Angel of Cathedral

Painting by E.J. Gold. Prints now available. More

fine art chocolate by E.J. Gold

Feed your spirit with Gorby's Chocolate Prasad

Magic Mojo chocolate truffles, Infinity chips, Heart Truffles ... prasad for Work Circle only. Now offering hemp hearts in chocolate or carob ... More...

graphic of Norton Street script

Norton Street Script

Script for a theatrical production of Norton Street as a stage play, with stage directions, lighting, blocking commentaries, fast-paced dialogue and interactions in a single set. Ready to perform. 4 parts ... More ...

photo of E.J. gold doing theatrical magic

Theatrical Magick

An exquisite tool for work on self AND a way to share wonderment with others, too ... More ...

photo of magnetic water

Magnetic Water

For many centuries, magnetic water has been prepared and used both as a spirit-building tonic and as a banishing element by certain initiates .... More ...

9 Art Books

by or about E.J. Gold include Charcoal Nudes, Draw Good Now, Awesome Graphic Landscapes, the Mysteries of Still Life, Amazing Sculpture You Can Do ... More...

Talks of the Month by E.J. Gold are now available as instant downloads

Talk of the Month

Archive talks by E.J. Gold -- now available for instant download. "A real treasure room" -- Eric N. Peterson, Ph.D

Learn 3D worlds creation and video game design and construction at E.J. Gold's Blueline Academy

Blueline Academy

Learn 3D worlds creation and video game design and construction at E.J. Gold's Blueline Academy More

E.J. Gold's Norton Str33t presents the waking state in reality show format

Norton Str33t DVD

the waking state in reality show format ... Get minisodes 1 - 30 on DVD ... More