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Bardo Safaris

E.J. Gold says that BARDO TRAINING is the most important work he has to do here -- to impart the ability to develop bardo habits that work, that are built in while you still have the ability to build them in, so that the "habits that carry you through" are good ones . . . .

E.J. Gold has used, with great success, many different video game formats for online bardo training. This means that you can get the bardo training you need without uprooting yourself and moving off to some far away ashram in Tibet or ???

Currently we utilize the classic video game Diablo II and Diablo II Lord of Destruction. These are available for both windows and mac computers. And are an excellent tool for Bardo Training.

More Details...

E.J. Gold and a rather large group of fellow bardo travellers have been conducting Bardo Safaris of various kinds for decades, including online since the early days of online gaming.

The convention 2004 marked the start of an intense use of a new online multi player game that would serve as a powerful bardo training tool for the next decade. In fact, it is still in active use.

E.J.Gold, being a unique combination of game developer and spiritual teacher, determined that the game Diablo 2 (D2) was well suited as a bardo training tool — especially for certain aspects of voyaging as a group. Term POG (from Pack of Green) has become a well known term amongst those initiated through this particular training tool.

Bardo Safaris were conceived of by E.J. Gold and are offered by the team at the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being, IDHHB. Safaris are not done for individual merrit but for the benefit of all beings everywhere. They are a major component of online Bardo Training. A worldwide community of participants from many countries around the world continue to work live online with this method.

Currently Bardo safaris are gatherings which typically last 2 hrs. They are deliberate expeditions into spiritual realms -- like a prayer circle.

It used to be that the at home Bardo Basics course was required prior to training for D2 safaris, and, while it is still highly recommended, it is no longer required.

A number of talk CDs are available on the subject. They will give you a good feel and some necessary pointers if you want to go into any depth with safari training.

The fee for an online training safari is $25 per person. We have a generous discount schedule for participation in multiple Safaris. Weekly or monthly payment plans are definitely worth looking into. Special rates for couples of all kinds are available.

You can also request a group safari with your group members. The maximum size for any special group is 6. Cost is US $25 per person or $150 per Safari with a minimum of 2 people in the group.

Please contact us for special package deals.

To express interest, or to enquire about available timeslots for participation, use our contact form.