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Rock Painting Videos

E.J. Gold has made dozens and dozens of videos on the topic of Rock Painting. A very complete set of instructional videos. You can find a large number of them on the EJGoldGuru Youtube Channel.

We have gathered 12 excellent beginning videos here. Enjoy. And check out the channel if you are looking for more.

Rock Painting Tips for Beginners

How to Make Dots on Rock Paintings

Workign with Rock Spirals

Gaming Pieces From Painted Rocks

Paint an Angel on a Rock

Painting Rock Hacks You Can Do

E.J. Gold on Small Rock Sculpture -- get your glue gun out!

How to Paint a Guitar on a Rock for Jewelry Cheap Easy

Birch Bases for your Painted & Glued Rock Sculptures!

Rock Sorting #1 - for jewelry, board games, fish tanks, gardens

How To Paint Rock Faces on Ordinary Driveway Gravel

Rock Chess Sets made from ordinary driveway stones