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Photo of E.J. Gold demonstrating how to draw

Art Class DVDs by E.J. Gold:

"You Can Paint!" Series

Art instruction on DVD with E.J. Gold including You Can Paint and Draw Good Now Series, with charcoal, drawing, acrylic and watercolor painting.

Poster showing the six Draw Good Now DVDs by E.J. Gold

Draw Good Now. 6 Title set.

Classes include: Draw Good Now, Anatomy of a Tree 1, Anatomy of a Tree 2, Dreaded Number Eleven, Figure / Ground / Greyscale, Domain Solitaire and Dutch Masters for Noobs ... More ...

Photo of DVD cover for A House and a Tree

A House and a Tree

The class that began the very successful You Can Paint! program by E.J. Gold -- how to do a house and a tree ... More ...

Photo of DVD cover of How I Made a Million Dollars in Art by E.J. Gold

How I Made a Million Dollars in Art

E.J. Gold shares some of his adventures and stories from his years in the art world, including practical suggestions on how you, too, can become a selling artist .... More ...

Photo of DVD cover of Charcoal Secrets by E.J. Gold

Charcoal Secrets

Learn the secrets of creating art using the medium of charcoal .... More ...

Photo of DVD cover of Art as T'ai Chi by E.J. Gold

Art as T'ai Chi

E.J. Gold demonstrates the magic of painting, revealing along the way numerous methods of using art as a tool for developing higher attention. .... More ...

Photo of DVD cover of Art as Healing by E.J. Gold

Art as Healing

E.J. Gold invites students to open up to the universal force that is the artist .... More ...