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April, 2022 Bardo Buzz (04-04)


Barbara Haynes

For over a decade I have worked consistently as a developer on the levels included in the Godd Particle. That work entailed thousands of runs through the thirty-three different worlds and scenarios.

It was recently suggested I write this month's Buzz article on the benefits I had received from working on the Godd Particle. I was surprised to find that nothing came to mind immediately. My best guess is that it's because it has become so ingrained in me, so much a part of who I am, that it is hard to break it down into separate effects.

In order to insure that all was working correctly, in the most mechanical sense of the word, I worked closely with Dick. I'd run into a non-functioning part of an orb, try to fix it and if I couldn't, I would call Dick. Sometimes it was the same problem over and over again with variations. Always Dick was patient and thorough. I developed a deep appreciation for his knowledge and ability to "make it work". At the very basic level, without Dick's ability to make a world out of numbers, words and symbols, there would be no Godd Particle.

As a result of Claude's mastery at making models, sounds, textures and animations, there are scenarios in the Godd Particle which will always be with me. The wonderful juggler in the subway is from Claude's ability to make a model perform in just the right way. All that was necessary was to say, "Could you make a juggler to use in the subway?" A few days later there it was, the perfect little juggler ready to do his work of service in the subway.

On top of Dick's numbers, words and symbols E.J. built the magnificent architecture using Claude's models, sounds, textures and animations, giving each space the hue and energy of the Bardo. The Master making available to all of us, the world we need to explore.

Each pass through the amazing Bardo worlds which E.J. had built gave me a deep sense of the livingness of the spaces and the inhabitants. The inhabitants of those worlds became my guides. I understood them to have a life of service of their own there in that Bardo space. They are alive and real in the same way people are real in my ordinary life. I learned to persevere, to run the same orb over and over until whatever problem was happening was solved. Patience and attention to detail became my friends. I experienced the joy of working with a team who all had the same focus of creating an experience for the benefit of those wishing to learn to navigate the Bardos.

There were times when I would run through the orbs for the effects alone, looking for the essential source of the benefit it was having on me and would have on those who would also experience the magic contained in the Godd Particle. I was always amazed and grateful for the opportunity to expose myself to the radiations I found in the experience.

I invite everyone to give themselves the same opportunity to open to the magic of the Godd Particle.


Christiane Wolters

Just a little story, or would one call it anecdote? The other day T. said: "I have something I am supposed to give to you from Gorby." She didn't actually get around to it till the next day. It was this pyramid...and I was, yes, those unseen currents of energy, vibes, vibrations. Love it.

Because I had been doing a certain morning meditation practice where at the end of it, one is asked to look at certain colors and shapes. Those preceding 3 days it was a pyramid, and looking around, all I could think was, there is no pyramid to look at, I need a pyramid. Where is my pyramid, where am I gonna get a pyramid? Imagining one, not in any kind of desperate way, just...there wasn't one and for this I needed one....never saying a word to anyone.

Then it just showed up, how cool is that?

Blessings to all


by E.J. Gold

Reincarnation Workshop
ICW June 24. 2012

Excerpt by T. Jones

"You notice we travel as a pact, a PoG -- a Pack of Green. So, we'll all leave at about the same time. We come in about the same time, we all leave about the same time, within 10 or 20 years of each other.

"We're members of a team, that's why. You look at us as individuals out there. Everybody out there looks at us as competitors to each other. We're members of a single team, single organized unified team, and we all have different appearances, everything, but the message is always the same. It's just how it's dressed up is different, but it's always the same. And there is no competition. How can there be competition? . . . Except I could have done it better.

"A lot of people are not going to want to go higher. They're going to be very happy with the results they get and they'll be delighted. We're going to get people saying, "Oh, my life changed." That's terrific! And it is. It's wonderful. I feel great that their life has changed, but, the ones who really want to Work, who really want to go further with it, their lives have changed for the better.

"Two things will have happened: Number one, they'll demonstrate that the tool is working, that the tool is in and connected and working. But secondly, coincidentally, and not that importantly, but it's useful, is that you will end up more prosperous. You'll have a little bit better situation. Just to demonstrate that the equipment is working, you'll end up where your life is actually improved in several ways. It's got to be at least 3 or 4 or 5 ways to satisfy me that you're making this work.

"Now, when that happens, you'll have more money, you'll have a better job, you'll have a better place to live, you'll have a happier home, you'll have a better work relationship or better work space, or you'll have your life's dream kind of employment, your life's dream job, or you'll be able to contribute the way you've always wanted to. Whatever it is that you have as a life goal, or life goals -- there'll be several of them. I want to see an improvement in those life goals so that you demonstrate that you're actually using this stuff.

"I don't want you to call up 6 months from now and say, 'You know what? I went through that love thing and I don't got no improvement in my life. Nothing happened. Nothing.'"

"So, actually, starting a new life is very scary for people. Anybody would be scared of that. You're a creature of habit."

Angelic Embassy at Meadow Vista, circa 1982, photo by Bill deGroot

Musings of a Labyrinth Reader


Marvette Kort

The full life cycle of a being appears to include taking incarnation and then shedding the human biological machine (HBM), the vehicle in which it's been traveling. One can get settled into and attached/identified with a particular machine during a lifetime.

In the Angels Healing Journey, the second chamber of each of the seven hallways addresses this identity issue from seven different aspects -- "the thoughts of my organic identity," "the emotions of my organic identity," "my apprehensions about my organic identity," "the significance of my organic identity," "the sensations of my organic identity," "the manifestations of my organic identity" and "the reactions of my organic identity."

In preparation for my passage from the phenomenal world to "passing once again into the endless emptiness of the void," I have come up with a list of practices for the purpose of loosening my identity fixation on this human primate.

1) Read the full 49-day cycle from the American Book of the Dead (ABD) to a voyager, one chamber per day. Besides being of service to the voyager, the reader may benefit from listening closely as one delivers the instruction. I also sense performing the instruction as I am reading it.

For instance, the 11th Chamber instructs the voyager to fully relax and allow the invisible cleansing radiations to do their work, allowing one "to accept spontaneous liberation by merging with the beloved, becoming the whole chamber, turning my gaze both inward and outward at the same moment."

2) Do the Popcorn Exercise sensing, observing and following one's movements. I work to pull my presence down into the HBM and experience the mechanical nature of the joints and the sweeping motion as I walk in the organic mechanized machine.

3) Listen actively to sci-fi stories, engaging the imagination to experience another world or dimension with different governing laws. I invite you to join Sci-Fi Radio Theater every other Sunday evening on Zoom and sense this parallel world perception during the presentation of the story "The Roaring Trumpet." Follow Harold Shea as he penetrates with a 20th century mind how to operate in the world of Norse Gods preparing to go to war with the Giants.

4) Practice the Face of God Exercise melting into the Face of God (FoG). Zen Basics can be an excellent preliminary warm-up for loosening the rigid boundaries of one's HBM in order to blend with the focus of one's attention.

5) Participate in an Invocational Tea ceremony on Zoom. Practice shifting your awareness from solely your own activity to sensing your actions as being in the flow, a part of the movement of a larger body in a higher dimension that is moving through a corresponding ritual with the self-awareness of all its components.

6) "Expand Your Footprint," your connection to previous incarnations, by intuitively following an interest or attraction to working with handling beads and coins from ancient cultures. Experiment with putting together jewelry composed of ancient elements. Investigate psychometrizing ancient material that you can hold in your hands. Wonder is an effective mood for lifting out of one's mechanical fixation on organic life.

The above suggestions are not meant to dictate how to do these practices, but rather to give insight into a way they may be approached to deepen one's inner work and further the aim to loosen and/or let go of organic identity.


The Prosperity Poets used the "Ten Mantras to Help You Sleep" for our writing session recently. After some lame jokes about invoking sleep -- like "What about the ten mantras for being woke?"-- we wrote the following set of poems each based on one "mantra as a resonant thought-form."

I Accept Today for Whatever It Was by Llara 34

Today has come and now it is going!

Acceptance for whatever it Was!

A Was is in the Past for me...

I cannot worry what I did not See! 

Sleep is on the Way --  it is Night!

Soon my Body will take Flight!

On and On the Daily Journey Flows ---

Keep pace and Know

How to Stay within the Know!

I Accept for Today Whatever It Was!

I Gently Float Into the Arms of Sleep by Loralilah

 She comes for me

     Whispering stillness

     Murmuring comfort

     Humming love

I snuggle in the soft down

     Senses caressed by

     Lapping waves

     And gentle fragrance

Mind and body surrender

I gently float into the arms of Sleep

Cradle of Morpheus by auntimatter

It is

only a matter of time and space

of light and dark

remembering and forgetting

I gently float into the arms of sleep.

I dream deep

as my soul slips through the gates

Lost in the endless worlds beyond the world

I Accept Today for Whatever It Was by Agenbite

Sometimes I look up from my day

and I realize I have not been present

I am blurred my mind is fuzzy

I am thinking random thoughts and

just getting the dishes done or

whatever is on my agenda

I have been driving the car as if

not in command at all daydreaming

Now there is a war going on far

from us but I feel the pain spreading

through the earth subdued invisible

but grating like a child crying

in another room  What can I do to recover

anything? To salvage time from this haze

and entropic drowsiness?

I can give up resistance let go of my

self judgment Breathe in and out in

the present moment and accept that

this day gently also will be eternal

My Sleep is Deeper and Deeper with Every Passing Moment by Myra Ravenwolf

When my sleep is deeper and deeper

with every passing moment  .  .  . 

there occurs an ever enlivening complement- 

a synergetic awakening

Angel # 4 Archangel Pharzuf "Resist All"


Talk of the Month #62 Gaining A Foothold

- excerpt by Michele Marie

"The primate believes that there are better jobs, worse jobs, higher paying jobs, lower paying jobs, there's white collar, blue collar, executive and dirt jobs. In the Work, all jobs look alike in terms of their exalted status or their lowly status. There is no hierarchy or bureaucracy in the Work; all jobs have the same value, that's why the Work is so alien to the primate mentality. The concept of bureaucracy is equally alien to those in the Work. There's no job more important than any other job. There's no job, which is exalted, and another job lowly. The form doesn't matter at all. Chopping wood is the same as computer analysis. Let's say that you're a ballet dancer in the Work, you're a latrine cleaner in the Work, you're a taffy puller in the Work or you're a videotape reminder in the Work... It doesn't make any difference what you do. It's not the form that's important, it's the content. How deeply you penetrate your particular job is what makes the difference.

"Your penetration of the Work will be hampered by your resistance to your work. You may be able to carry out your task beautifully, but if you bitch and gripe about it - if you hate your job - it's as if you never worked. A variety of things can destroy your work; you can undercut yourself and you can measure your penetration.This is the whole idea of the exercises - I told you that these weren't exercises. What I told you a long time ago is that these are called exercises and they are presented as exercises for those who have no jobs, who are just whiling away the time until they get a beginning job in the Work. They are, in fact, diagnostic tools for you and for me. I can tell how far you've penetrated into your job by how well you're able to do those so-called exercises.

"The Voyager's Guide to the Labyrinth will take us through the various impasses we find ourselves in. It will fine-tune our perceptions of ourselves and the multidimensional world in which we live. It will provide focus and acuity just where the edges tend to become a blur. It will cultivate maze brightness in us. It will help us recognize our assets and teach us to use them to our advantage. It will provide a steady nurturing of the essential self as voyager and develop new categories of perception which are intended to free us from the artificial limitations of the primate grid. It will attempt to supply voyagers with the proper perspective from which to view outer world events, inner world events, the inner wars, the sleep, the indifference. In fact it could maybe act as a general repair kit for impaired voyagers. Lube jobs, brake jobs, oil change; this will be the maintenance center for machines aimed at supporting the work. So it will deal with orientation also. And mood. And silence."

Talk of the Month #62 Gaining a Foothold

Image: Angel # 4 Archangel Pharzuf "Resist All"


Jewel McInroy

I was drawn to it the first time I saw it. It was made of yellow jade and Tibetan coral beads. They weren't colors I usually wear, but wanting to put my attraction into "understandable terms", I thought of a blouse I might wear it with.

When I left the cafe, where the necklace laid with numerous others, all thoughts of it evaporated until a week later.

That afternoon I took my lunch into the cafe and sat at one of the side tables which had a number of jewelry items on it. As I began to eat, I looked down and there, to my left, was the necklace in a clear plastic bag. As I became aware of it -- or maybe it became aware of me - I felt a strong sense of yearning.

The depth of the experience was extraordinary. It was a yearning that wasn't attached to anything that I was aware of. It was void of emotion in the ordinary sense. I thought of the contemplation in Prayer Absolute, "With yearning my presence wishes to comfort Thee" but wasn't able to go beyond the rememberance to any deeper understanding.

When I asked E.J. about it, he said the Tibetan monks put prayers into the work they do and seemed to dismiss it with that comment. When I persisted, wanting more of an explanation, he suggested I write about it in the Bardo Buzz and ask others if they have had similar experiences.

If you'd like to share and explore this further, please email me. I appreciate your input.


Nishiet Gajjar

Fragile events
and reminiscences
and smiles
from the golden era.

When the stars were alive
throbbing with fluorescence,
but now there are
no more supernovas.

Oh! The sudden sifts
Slathers aches in anima
This tyranny
and helplessness.

This glaring flow of reality.
Wistful era, wistful era!
Destruction of veneer
Reconstruction of veneer.

Empty lumen
Oh! Only the lumen survives.
This hoopla
and this fragile event.

Oh! The repentance
and the century old guilts,
and fragile remorses
and fragile regrets
and fragile remembrance.

First Contact


This video was taken with a little flip video camera...way back then.

Jamie, worked (and maybe still does work) at Ben Franklin. This is a huge art store where E.J. taught art classes each week and where we all got a lot of our art supplies.

Jamie was unaware of us as a school (as far as I knew), but she was aware of something. You'll see when you watch this short video of onlly 56 seconds.

Now, remember, it was taken back in 2008 with the little flip camera. It was either the first or one of the actual camera videos I ever did, too, so I will ask you to forgive the quality and design and solely focus on the happy and sincere mood of what Jamie has to share with us.

This has always been one of my favorite videos, even until this day. It gives me a joyful feeling inside and I can't help but smile.