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February, 2022 Bardo Buzz (04-02)

The Joy of Sacrifice

Secrets of the Sufi Way by E.J. Gold

Life of Awakening

Now one transcends the Fourth and Fifth Bodies developed through the sacrifices of hope, self-pity and sacred obligation. One begins to intentionally develop mental powers, or siddhis, over the material universe. In this effort one is forced to pass beyond the barrier of sentimentality into the realm of impartial justice and the beginnings of conscience.

One learns how to replace unconscious habits with habits leading automatically and perpetually to conscious life.

It is here that one's will, attention, and mental powers are developed to the fullest. One may now attempt to transmit to others the Method as one understands it so far, and may use one's Magnetic Force of Attraction to bring pupils under the influence of the school. When necessary it is permitted to use one's powers to save a life, perform experiments with the forcible division of psyche and essence, or to create energies for work. Without full development of this potential, fusion of the Seventh Body is not possible.

to be continued...

"Waking State" February 5, 1991 Original Pastel on 10"x13" Sennelier Paper Serigraph Available


Barbara Haynes

When I first encountered the idea of negative emotions as E.J. presents it in The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus (a/k/a HBM), I immediately thought of them as being the unpleasant, uncomfortable and unwanted emotions I experienced in my life. Even though it is clearly stated that Negative Emotion is any emotion generated by the machine, I persisted in my first thought for many years. Over the years I have worked with using negative emotion to invoke my presence, to be here now or to awaken the machine, and I have found I use the exercises using negative emotion much more often when I am aware of experiencing any of the emotions I don't want to feel. If I even thought of an exercise when I was feeling a "good" emotion, the idea of using it to invoke my presence didn't carry much power.

However, over the years I began to work more with the "good" emotions I experienced. What I discovered is that those "good" emotions seem to have more energy in them for the negative emotion exercises than the "bad" emotions I experience. I often feel an electrical charge in my body, a feeling as if I'm about to burst that is associated with "good" emotions. When I use that energy to invoke my presence, to be here now or awaken the machine I can see a change. The world becomes clearer, brighter and colors are more pronounced. The air sparkles, objects glow. Rather than the feeling of bursting in my skin I feel an energetic connection to my environment. The understanding I've gained from the experience of using my "good" emotions is helping me to better use the energy I experience with "bad" emotions.

by E.J. Gold

Prosperity Path Workshop Excerpt Pt 2 (6-24-2012)

Excerpt by Tabatha Jones

"A reduction and frustration would indicate a reduction in karma, if karma were the driving cause. In other words, you can't reduce the frustration itself, so you reduce the karma, but you express it as a reduction in frustration in that Orb. So you call it Frustration -- that would be the name of it, and you'd see the result: frustration, minus, minus, minus, minus, minus. But the functionality inside, you are reducing karma, which expresses itself as a reduction in frustration. Then you see in your life -- if you're frustrated a lot, this is a good indicator for you. Good indicators are negative things that you're experiencing a lot. Any of these things that we're talking about, they're negative, but if you experience them a lot, then it's a good indicator for you.

"So frustration would be a great Orb to use to measure your karma reduction. Problem is you can't apply the same remedy two times in a row to your karma reduction. Your karma has a temporary immunity. As a matter of fact, at some point, in the Orb, it may stop working, and you think, "Oh, it's broken." No, it's not broken. You have, at that point, reduced as much karma as you can and there's not going to be anymore reduction showing on the meter, on the final score.

"Now in homeopathics, you know that works. You can only take homeopathic remedies so much, and then you can't take it anymore. You've got to switch remedies. Well, the same thing is with us. You can go through it once, the second time you go through it, you're going to get a very, very reduced effect. So what you want to do is change your indicator and use an Orb according to the indicator you've changed to.

"So I can make this really simple by telling you how I'm working, exactly what the mechanics are that I'm using in the Orb which is called Pain Purge. Now pain is a direct result of Karma. How you meddle with that is by reducing the karma. Karma accumulates every day. I don't care what you do. We're talking about if we sit doing nothing, but somewhere you're doing something. You're breathing, and in breathing you are destroying billions of organic creatures and reassembling others and doing all sorts of internal things. All that's going on, that's all under your direction, therefore, your karma. Even if that direction is unconscious, most of it is, most of your organic processes are unconscious, but you're responsible for them, nevertheless. And therefore, that's an acruement of karma.

"So what happens is you wake up in the morning -- wham, exit out of karma. It can be very minute or it can be very large. Get a lot of karma or do nothing at all and still get a lot of karma because somewhere you're doing something that accrues karma, whatever it might be. Well, it's a very good thing to be at zero karma every day. It's a real good thing to be owing nobody anything. Nobody owes you anything, you're at zero karma. At the end of the day or the end of your life, you want to be zero karma. If today is that day, you want to be zero karma today.

"And if you can be at negative karma, you've got a bank account in heaven. If you understand that, you got minus karma. So what you try to do is drive your karma down into the minus, which is a plus. Good karma is minus karma. It's in the minus field. That's good karma. Accumulation of any kind of karma is not good karma. Bad karma is accumulated karma. Karma is mud, it's tar, it's nicotine.

"So what you want at the end of the day is you want zero karma; so every day you want to get a karma reduction. Now, here's the cool thing about it. If you can reduce your pain, you got a good indicator that your karma is reduced. Because the only way to really reduce pain is to reduce karma, unless you're doing it on the medical level, or on the chemical, organic level, you got another difficulty. That's totally different. What I'm talking about is spiritually-directed pain control or pain reduction -- spiritually-directed, not actually autohypnotic. But it is an induction. It's a 3-D, three-dimensional audio-visual induction. Every Orb is. Every Orb you use of mine is an induction."

"Quantum Planarities #33" a.k.a. "Enraptured," E.J Gold, from the Haunted Corridors series, available as a 10" x 15" Fine art color print on Arches text wove paper, pencil signed, © 2021 HEI.


Marvette Kort

Gently I work summoning my attention and presence as I move through the tunnel occupied by this lifetime. It took me years to relax on "looking for" a higher state of awakened consciousness. This striving kept me insisting "on being someone or something in particular and having something happen to me."

This exact condition is referred to in the 36th Chamber of the American Book of the Dead (ABD) followed by the instruction -- "then I will concentrate my consciousness in the following way:

"All substances are my own projected forms of consciousness, and this consciousness is nothing but the uncreated unborn emptiness of the unobstructed luminous light of the void, without center and without circumference; without beginning and without end."

This is a worthy focus while I sense my hands working on a project. My fingertips are sensitized and I am aware that I am handling something alive, whether it be in the recording studio with CD discs or video recording SD cards to being in the kitchen with brilliant green large firm leaves of chard or tender, feather-like leaves of baby spinach that I am preparing to cook.

Gently I work with attention and presence as I allow myself to rest naturally in stillness and silence while in Gorby's Cafe eating dinner and holding the mantra -- "I had nothing with which to create the world, out of myself the world was made." My momentum to rush to do the next thing dissolves as I feel the sustenance of the food as I am working to transform it.

Being in quarantine, removed from some of the savage impressions in the world, can have many benefits for one's inner work. Gently I work to collect my attention and presence as I steer a course through a labyrinth of numerous distractions to take my seat in Gorby's presence. I listen inwardly for the four lines:

All phenomena is illusion
Neither attracted nor repelled
Not making any sudden moves
My habits will carry me through

Gently I work with attention and presence to be in the present ....


Jewel McInroy

The Ancients had a saying: No one sees God and lives.

This actually has two meanings.

One meaning is that no one can stand before the Face of God and survive organically.

The other meaning is literal, that no one, a nothingness, is able to see God and live, because someone who has realized, which is to say, made real his own nothingness, has already "lost face", meaning one's sense of personal identity.

- from Sounds of the Inner Golden Opera, an E.J. Gold Quote Collection by Nishit Gajjar


Christiane Wolters

Change is happening fast on this planet. It is difficult and actually impossible for one person to keep up. Everything is exploding.

Only 3 weeks into it, 2022 has already been a very intense year for me and this is the 3rd version of the newsletter I have written in 2 weeks. Of course, I did invoke, agree to set myself up for or invited a deeply transformational year, and man oh man, stuff has been happening and it has been challenging and humbling. How so? Deeper layers of conditioning and resulting life expressions and their consequences in life are starting to show up, disrupt and are presenting themselves to be looked at, felt or examined. A deep letting go process wants to happen and more attention to the present is very required. In my perception internal structures are dissolving, a very interesting sensation as the old either dissolves or is obsolete and the new isn't there yet. My sense is that a higher ability in fluidity in movement and responsiveness will be required for graceful navigation in what is coming, and that ability has never been my forte, at least not the graceful part. The ability to shift and pivot is not very compatible with rigid internal structures.

In one sentence I would say that at least for me the awakening process leads to deeper embodiment, and that tends to shake things up :).

One of the things that is becoming more clear every day is that, after compassion and gratitude, forgiveness practice is rightfully floating near the top of the list of practices to do. Forgiveness is possibly an essential practice in moving ahead, as in -- cannot do without. Forgiveness does not mean what was said or done was good and right, on many levels, or that charges be dropped, but ... stuff happened and now moving forward, a new degree of freedom is necessary. It is time to be free of some things still held onto. You will discover that in the process of forgiving, the ability to feel compassion as well as gratitude is pretty important.

On a more concrete note: with the feedback help of our dream circle sangha, I did decide on one of the versions of a Lucid Dreaming 101 presentation, a beginner's intro, and hope to offer a lucid dreaming event Saturday morning sometime in the next few weeks. For those interested in the topic, path or practice involving lucid dreaming and are curious on how to get started, you can look forward to an email hopefully very soon.

May the light of awareness be with you


Phrases! Impalpable phrases!
And stagnant attributes.
Clean your servant's mirror every moment - even if you are a pro!
Opening your mouth you lose it.
Closing your mouth you lose it.
Even though you use swords, you are lost!
Try tiny needles and you might win.
Handful only handful Buddhas
The Lombard Street is the secret!
Handful only handful Buddhas
And countless more erupt in dreams.
Early priesthood was not mastered
Thus Buddha came on lane 33!
Fools don't understand four characters
All in vain and yet mansions are alive.
Monasteries are on strike!
But Bodiaa Tra - The Wild influences if summoned
Mu and its message are bottled
Their volcanic devil mask failed
So they opted for god mask!
Why does one store the clouds?



Michele Marie

I asked for help from my sisters, to be reminded to drink more water and I said I really want to do it and I hope I can do it.

E.J. said to me, "You can .. I did it, you can do it too, but it has to be coming from a REAL wish".

Where does a real wish resonate?

How do I access the space of a real wish?

"We can begin to unify ourselves by creating a special centrum of gravity called our "work wish".

"Sometimes we feel one way about something, and the very next moment we feel entirely different about it. Our lack of unity produces in us a corresponding lack of will. In mechanical man nothing provides a permanent centrum of gravity for unity. We can make the beginning of unity by creating in ourselves a special temporary centrum of gravity which we can call our work wish.

...Only with a clear idea of our aim can a change be made by imaginary beginning efforts. An imaginary effort can become a real effort only drop by drop, as in the distillation process.

The effectiveness of our wish depends on whether we are able to collect the force of necessity.

We must examine our wishing to see impartially if it is greater than our self.

...Ultimately we must learn to make a work wish from everything we do in life, to make all our activities work-significant

...A work wish can be a deliberate wish against the slave impulses of the machine. With no work wish as a centrum of gravity we never develop the ability to exert our work will against the natural slave impulses of the biological machine."

Practical Work on Self by E.J. Gold. Chapter 5 Work Wish

Mantras Poetry assignments 1 and 2

I have the courage to take actions

I have the courage to take action

I make a decision to act

Everything else flows

I choose to be happy right now

I see the good in every person or situation

I change my perceptions from negative to positive

I stop blaming others, I face myself

I let go of grudges, judgments, expectations, anger

I take responsibility, and I transform myself

I am happy now

NOTE: The Prosperity Poets launched a new experiment with poets responding very personally to mantras listed on the Gorebaggs World blog of November 28, 2021: Mantras as Resonant Thought-Forms. Here are a set of responses to the ten mantras list for "Motivation."


1: Mantras for Motivation

"The moment to begin is now." -- by auntiematter

The moment to begin is now.
For there is no past to condemn me
No future to beckon and bedazzle.
For I have wandered beyond
the wasteland of time

I am ready for whatever comes.
For breath and beat of my heart
is home

"My passion for the Present makes a Perfect Future" -- by Agenbite

When I awake in the morning -- I could use this mantra
I am usually groggy, sometimes pulling myself from a dream
Often wondering: What time is it?
(It's still dark outside)
I appeal to myself in 2022:
Wake up more confidently. Jot down that dream or put it aside
Tread lightly, think positively, get dressed -- and embrace the Cosmic
Gift and wondrous anomaly of this New Day!

"I take one step at a time" -- by Myra Ravenwolf

Each movement, each thought, that which is felt,
I recall has results - consequences - whether reflexive
or consciously considered;
I step as if in sequence, I step as if actively,
curiously attentive to what and where my next engagement leads.

"I take one step at a time" -- by Loralilah

Standing at the fork in the road
        I must choose.
Will I take the path that heads into the forest
        full of trees to circumvent, brambles to avoid?
Or will I take the meadow path
        Filled with wild flowers, tall grasses and hidden stones?
Either path requires careful navigation
        One step, then another
        Finding my way one step at a time.

"I make some progress every minute." -- by Llara34

A minute carrying a Lifetime in it!
Seeing more clearly thru Old Eyes now ---
Letting go more easily and TRUSTING what is happening!
Unraveling, then rewinding it ALL into a new way of VIEWING,
Less cluttered and more Direct and Yet....Free!