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September, 2021 Bardo Buzz (03-09)

The Joy of Sacrifice

Secrets of the Sufi Way by E.J. Gold

Life of Hopelessness

At this stage, one returns to the practices given in the Sacrifice of Comfort, the first stage of Real Work. The work schedule takes up one’s entire day. The only difference is that now one may give service outside the community of work. One may take the role of teacher, allowing the Method to channel through oneself for the benefit of others.

to be continued...


A Personal Experience, Personally Experienced

Barbara Haynes

At the July 10th Zoom meeting, Experience Wonder Everyday, we decided to work with the Mirror Reflection exercise on page 31 from the book Every Day a Holy Day.

The exercise reads:

Study your reflection in the mirror.

Get the feeling that the person in the mirror is the real person and you are the reflection.

I see right away there are many ways to work with this exercise. The first sentence alone can be a practice for a long, long time.

"Study your reflection in the mirror."

What, really, do I see? I work to be the objective observer. How is the character dressed? What color is the hair? Is she wearing glasses? What posture has she assumed? Is the face wrinkled? Are there bags under the eyes? What color are those eyes? Is the face neutral or does it seem to have an expression? What's in the room with her? What's the lighting like? Are there windows? Are there doors? What's on the walls? Is there furniture?

I absorb the scene.

"Getting the feeling that the person in the mirror is the real person and you are the reflection."

I stand before the mirror and notice just the facts of what I see. Each time I do this, certain things have changed -- the clothes, the hair. But what I also begin to notice is there's an energy in what I see.

Without judgment -- adding the practice of non-judgment to the exercise, I begin to observe the energy or sense of the room. There are days when the room seems brighter or lighter and days when the room seems to have a gray quality. I try not to assign names like "happy" or "sad" to the energy I sense. I simply observe the changes.

I also notice that I look forward to these encounters, as if I'm getting to know someone new.

Each encounter adds to the sense of reality on the other side of the mirror. It seems to become easier to recognize myself as a reflection and what I see to be the reality. At least it seems to happen more quickly. There are moments when I feel a bridge between the mirror image and myself. There are moments when I feel no separation. We are one -- each a reflection of the other. Each the reality. For me this is a way to sense the truth from the ABD. "I am one, there is no other."


Collage assembled by Marvette Kort. All artwork by E.J. Gold. Top center photo by Yanesh. Lower photo is unattributed.

"Appearing Silent"

Best wishes to all window shoppers!

The sampling of images above represent a handful of prints from Rare and Unusual that are on their way to or been received by those who won them in auction or bought them on eBay.

The titles are from left to right and top to bottom: "Lady in Waiting", "July 4th", "Immersed in Radiations", "Logs and Twigs", " Rocks, Grass and Bugs", "City in the Sky Path of Wisdom", "Inside Outside", "City in the Sky Purple Window", "Quantum Planarities #33", "Uncle Bentley", "Table at Window with Grapes", "E.J. Flying with Blackboard at Compleat Enchanter, Glendale, 1967" detail, "My First Charcoal".

Being in the chain of delivery for prints sold is a fortunate position, because each image, with the blessings imbued, passes through my attention field as they are sent on to their destinations. The titles that accompany the images suggest to me, the focus of the artist or what was being called into manifestation, or the dimension through which he was slipstreaming at the time, or that which is beyond my imagination, but of which I get a taste.

I encourage everyone to check out the pages of eBay listings on Rare and Unusual. Touring these pages is similar to viewing E.J. Gold's art in a gallery, except for the fact that there is no one gallery that would exhibit in one show such diversity of style nor the sheer expansiveness of his oeuvre.

Ebay does not require one to have an account to search, visit or even buy things under $5,000,00 on their website. However, one does need an eBay account to bid on an auction. Rare and Unusual offers both auctions with all the excitement of bidding as well as simple sales listings for direct purchase.

I invite you to feast your eyes on the Rare and Unusual from E.J. Gold.


~ Excerpt by T. Jones ~ E.J. Gold's Orb Book ~ December 14, 2019 ~

"So, how the Cleansing Radiation works is you go through a Cleansing Orb filled with Cleansing Radiations and Guides. There are no controls, no problems with joysticks or pads, just a controlled journey through the space. You need no experience or skills to do this.

"You should be aware that within the Cleansing Radiation Orbs, there are actually many hundreds of soundbytes indicating micro-events, such as reading a scroll, or annointing with an essential oil, or burning a specific candle, powder or incense.

"Those soundbytes correspond to very precise 3D models of invocational and magical apparati, and formulas made for the GoDD™ Engine, all of which are placed within the Orb as necessary for the functioning of the invocational process. Get used to the idea that Real and Virtual are simply two cases of the same universe, in very different configurations and actualizations, but the operating system is the same.

"That means that the MoveAct Code works in both worlds, and so do the affirmations. It's all actually happening, it's just as real as anything else. It's happening just as it would in the Organic Body Space, except that it's happening in Cyberspace, which is merely a different dimension than the one in which you typically have your attention fixated by involuntary incarnation. But the two are bound by similarity and partly by induction. The event is no less real just because it occurs in the virtual world.

"I'm preparing a run of CLEANSING RADIATION Orbs that match the intentions of the REMEDY Orbs. No assembly necessary, just hit the PLAY button and you don't even have to watch for it to have the effect.

"I want you to have the experience, and there's no better way than to bathe yourself in Cleansing Radiations. And it's very effective in the virtual world, although you'll have a hard time convincing yourself of that until you have evidence that it actually works. You'll be able to experience the bathing effect of the Cleansing Radiations even more thoroughly by running it as an Orb.

"Then it won't be a big surprise and a total overwhelm when you experience something similar in the Bardo Between-Lives State. It's part of dying before you die, getting ready to experience the Cleansing Radiations, but it has an additional good effect. It actually reduces the amount of ego and karma that you have remaining in yourself, giving you a leg up when you get to the Other Side, and can't do anything but passively ride through it.

"You can get a LOT of the Bardo Between-Lives Experience over with, right here and now, if you know how to do it. And moreover, I'm willing to share it, so get into the Cleansing Radiation and let's reduce some ego and karma as part of your new "Get Over Yourself" personal achievement campaign.

"You'll need to learn to calm yourself down and slow yourself way down, in order to properly and effectively run the Cleansing Radiation Orbs and videos. But I think you'll agree that it's definitely worth the effort. So inside the Cleansing Radiations world, you'll note that there's a real sense of the space, and it's a very large and friendly space. The monsters in there are actually your friends, helping you to achieve freedom and ease of transition. They look rather formidable, but then, in your rightful form, so do you. That's just a way of encouraging you to assume your rightful form as soon as you're out of body -- no sense wasting timelessness."

Gorby At The Top

Christiane Wolters

A few weeks ago during the early evening hours in the school garden, you know, when the warm summer evening sun sends its rays through the atmosphere making everything look slightly golden, that time when back then years ago, there used to be scores of insects visible dancing in the light, I stood there taking it all in and a thought, a notion crossed my mind, a sense of: it is done. Looking at the abundance, and the life, the variety, the sharing of the food, the flowers and the critters we share the garden with, it was, yes, it is done, accomplished on this level. What was possible with the people, means and conditions in terms of creating the kind of garden envisioned, it was done. Like in a game, a milestone, a waypoint reached. It is uncertain what the future holds, despite best effort. Already there are few dancing insects, the last barn swallows gathered on the wires over 10 years ago and it has been 3 years since the last monarch butterfly fluttered about here. The summer skies are full of smoke now, and rain does not come for most of the year. The ground is parched. I had to say goodbye to several trees, heart breaking. There are not even cabbage moths, and I resolve that next time I will grow cabbage just for them. But now, that day, this year, that which needed to be accomplished was done. But I digress, or rather, it didn't occur to me till this afternoon how that sense of closure and accomplishment and that which I had already written about for this month's Bardo Buzz, are actually just different facets of the same gem.

Sometimes when one is on a certain trajectory and then indicates to and invites the Universe to give what is needed for the next phase of personal transformation, trusting that it and Life itself wants what is best....all hell can break loose and one comes face to face with what in some circles is called one's inner glass ceiling - the deepest, earliest, most fundamental of our personal and ancestral conditioning that even if one had inklings about that for years, that part was never truly welcomed, integrated or educated, its associated energy never assimilated and made available. Without going into what that means or feels like for me, it does involve taking 100% responsibility for all of one's experience, even if our part in any situation is only a small part of the equation in what is happening, even if it is only like 2%. It means stretching into new territory of being, unfamiliar and with unknown outcome. It might mean ...who knows?

Anyway, it didn't take very long to be confronted with one situation after another that demonstrated what in gaming terms is known as a level boss, the guard or situation one must pass before arriving at the next difficulty level. Until successfully moved through, only playing at the same level or lower is an option. So it is with the game of these bodies and our earthly stay here.

To play full out, to allow the divine light and source to shine, to radiate through the body mind in new ways, all the encrusted or frozen layers of one's energy field/belief system, so deep that it is mostly unconscious, must nonetheless be seen, opened or melted.

On this relative level of physical and energetic manifestation, if needed and possible, the job in this particular arena is to recognize the usefulness of early conditioning and adaptations of the body mind, useful to survive the early levels. But they are obsolete now, and their persistence is making any further evolved ability to use the HBM as a transformational apparatus impossible. Thanking and welcoming that part of us that has existed in total isolation, sometimes since infancy, and who knows nothing about how to be in the world today, requires patient, compassionate presence -- of one's own Self. Skill points will need to be assigned and practiced. The next few weeks and maybe months should be interesting.

In any case, in concrete terms, in part as a consequence of some of the happenings around my old computer, it means: there will not be an IDHHB 50-year photo montage image from me for this month's newsletter. It would have been IDHHB 2008, that year of the D2 ladder race of Gorebagg 99, where in September, you could have seen Gorby at the top, as the assassin Gorebagg. What a time that was. I think of it fondly and with gratitude.


Complaining and Power of Observation

Michele Marie

Not only do we cause trouble to ourselves by complaining. but we annoy and depress those around us. By complaining, we subject others to our problems and often put them in a position of trying to respond to our complaints. Much of our complaining is not helping resolving the problem but more used as a sympathy-seeking complaining.

What should we do? Should we vow to never to complain again regardless of what kind of problem we might have? We can observe our complaining mind without expressing our complaining thoughts. We might not be able to control our thoughts, but we can learn to control our speech. But greater mindfulness regarding our speech will help us to filter out complaining which is a burden to others. Complaints can occur in the context of someone else's behavior not being acceptable to us. We are disappointed or dissatisfied and we want them to change. We often forget that their behavior is influenced by their environment and we are part of that environment. Often there is a connection between what we are doing and what they are doing.

This is why, self-observation and self-reflection can be very useful and become an awakening tool for the machine asleep..

" We must recognize periods when the machine is awake and more importantly, periods when it is not. We can use our attention to watch carefully and intensively everything the machine does. We soon gather enough evidence to convince us without a shred of a doubt, that it thinks by automatic association. Remember always that it is the machine which is asleep, and that we are not the machine. Direct observation of the machine has the effect of changing the thing that is being observed. It must be clearly understood that the Work cannot be studied through a sleeping machine. The Work means nothing to a sleeping machine. A sleeping machine cares only for itself, its aims, its problems and its pursuits. The subtle force of attention is our only weapon against sleep. It is a very effective weapon."

E.J. Gold from the Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus.


Jewel McInroy

"If we could listen to what we are saying," G. continued, "we could learn great secrets, because the source of all conversation is the Great Source of All - the invisible King who is before us, although we are blind to him.

"Blind, yes, we cannot see Him because we do not know how to see and deaf to His discourse because we have not learned how to hear."

" ... you may have noticed a certain phenomenon, that if a statement really is important , if it must be said in order to satisfy the drama of the moment, it will be said, if not by you then by somebody. ... on this you can be certain.

"This can be tested. You can sit in a group and listen. Since it is all one voice from a single source, you will hear what you thought of saying and had decided to say be spoken by someone else, if you hold back your voice at the last moment, and remain silent and attentive."

excerpt from "All One Voice" Talk of the Month #4


Nishiet Gajjar

Real love implies serious risk, and risk, in the work sense, means to take chances outside the human dimension--sometimes correctly calculated, sometimes not. We take risks for the sake of love, love the eternal substance, the living presence which humans have always thought of as their god, before which no creature can stand and fail to be annihilated; the shaman cares nothing for love, the primate ideal, or love, the biological attraction. Love is the very object of adoration, a form of eternal, nonconvertible energy as necessary to our work, as heat is to chemical change, or electricity, steam or gasoline are to mechanical engines.

As human primates, we were taught the pretense that we are capable of generating love, that we are a source of love and that we are able to produce it at will and send or receive it as we would a candy-gram. This human fantasy is wildly inexact. What we generate and send to someone falls into the general category of maudlin and sentimental primate imperatives. We send sentimentality to someone--sentiment--the combination of sensing and mental, and they send us something back in return--something like a negative-emotional Hallmark card minus the postage.

-E.J. Gold.