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June 2019 Bardo Buzz (01-04)


Each issue of The Bardo Buzz comes with an installment of The Joy of Sacrifice

Jerusalem, 22 November
Dear ones, Beloved of God:

Much has been left unsaid about the science of sacrifices and their necessity in the Work and as preparation for Work. I will send as much data by post as possible, and then we shall work together when we see each other.

Sacrifices may seem silly, unnecessary, perhaps even masochistic to the Westerner, when he encounters these ideas for the first time without the usual trappings of mystical materialism.

I do not ask that you believe, but that you faithfully carry out those experiments on this subject.

Nothing can be accomplished without sacrifices. If not for the possibility of sacrifice, we could not attain conscious life. Do not allow these ideas to frighten you, try to learn what is meant by sacrifice, rather than trusting to previous data about suffering and sacrifice in the ordinary way.

Sacrifices are very fierce weapons against sleep and its ally, self-love, but on the other end of that stick, one can easily grow to like -- even to cherish -- one's Sacrifices.

The first time it may cause a small awakening, but the second time it has already become tolerable, and by the third time, one may have become hardened to it. After a while of performing the same sacrifice, one can become enamored of it, growing to prefer it over the way it was before. So it is that we must be aware of mechanicality developing in the path of sacrifices.

One must be ever alert and continually watchful for changes in one's feelings and attitudes about one's present work. One must not grow to love one's sacrifices, as a young child depends upon its mother for milk.

to be continued....


"The sleeping machine does not -- and cannot-- produce transformation. A change in Being is obtained only through intense efforts and struggle against our tendency to fall into a state of identification with the machine's sleep."
--E.J. Gold


Experiment in Perception

Command of the English language is not command of the language of the heart. It is from the heart that I wish to be speaking. With this intention stated, I invite you to listen from your heart.

I began this experiment in perception without a clear verbal formulation of its foundational theory. I based the merit of my effort on the following reasoning. Reading "Confronting the Clear Light" from the American Book of the Dead to a voyager/being is to assist them to opening up to tolerate and remain conscious in such refined spaces as:
"I am one,"
"there is no other,"
"I am the voidness of the void,"
"the swirling patterns of light in infinite extension, endless endlessness, the Absolute...."

My approach was two-fold. Establish contact with the voyager for which one of my main indicators is the recognition of sensing a resonance when delivering and receiving each word/phrase, like being in tune as two tuning forks vibrating together, sounding the same tone. The other focus was on perceiving "the aliveness" of each chamber as each phrase of the prayer is intoned.

The aim of this experiment, as I read each phrase, was to sense, by imagining through as many doors of perception that I could contact, the literal existence of the archtypical space outside the confines of human reality, but within the striving awareness of the attention of the presence of my presence.

A significant portion of my attention was focused on maintaining the thread of consciousness and thereby extending a bridge to the voyager and wishing my efforts to be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere. I won't describe my various perceptions; however, perhaps you will be inspired to make your own observations.
Marvette Kort


All of a sudden, everything seems to need to happen all at once in the garden. It is growing season. The asparagus is growing out, the roses have been blooming, daisies, calendula, irises and lupines, and various other blooming flowers and "weeds". There is so much beauty and power and fragility and struggle, the force of life in full blown action. Most of the tomatoes have been planted, and then we have a winter storm. Amidst the overwhelm and physical struggle, I notice the need for conscious self-care, admitting certain limits of what I am able to do - still imagining, envisioning a beautiful garden that is also healthy habitat for insects, birds and other critters, not only for food, for us, the humans. Maybe I am remembering Lemuria?

There is so much of that disconnected action, that "human first and only" selfishness going on everywhere, using and abusing the earth, her resources and creatures, to the point of now driving a million species to extinction. The pain of that -- no words. And yet, you might remember E.J. having mentioned, almost in passing: "It's not like you have not been everything."

Do you know yourself well enough, deeply enough, to know it could be you: the nazi, torturer, abuser? The more conscious of it you are, the better the chance it will not take you by surprise some day. In this world of duality, it is in all ways both ways. How much of it can you hold? How does one love it all in the face of this wholesale destruction of the one thing one loves so, that has made possible this life -- nature, the earth? How does the heart stay open in the face of this greed, selfishness, destruction, pollution and ignorance? Still, is it some kind of cruel joke to have humans be the instrument of mass extinctions this time?

It is the relative world. The world of duality. Resistance is futile. A bigger movement underlies it all. There is peace beyond this duality, this relative world. There is space.

I come back to the here and now, not denying the unspeakable pain, and doing the only thing that makes sense: Relaxing, I love her, the nature, this grass, this path, this weed, this dirt, this flower, this rain, this being. Love. Maybe it will be gone soon. ...but today, there is love, appreciation, gratitude. I can care for it. I can do what I can and I surrender to that movement that is bigger than me. I can trust in Being.

This new God Particle orb, the voidness cube, on a wearable thumb-drive E.J. has been offering these the last few days, I love it! Great design, simple, elegant and sturdy, suitable for the garden. Worn over the heart, constant reminder of the void, the emptiness, the stillness, consciousness, without quality or characteristics, our ground of being, from which all creation springs and the greatest source of healing.
Christiane Wolters


Aloe Vera gel is known to relieve sunburn and to help heal wounds, from relieving heartburn to slowing the spread of breast cancer. This succulent plant has been used for medicinal purposes, which played a very important role traced back to ancient Egypt, around 6000 years ago. The Aloe Vera was used to help the soul journey into the afterlife.

A study published online found that tomato plants coated with aloe gel were evidence that the coating blocked the growth of harmful bacteria on the vegetables. Results were also found with apples.

Aloe Vera extract is a safe and effective alternative to chemically treated mouthwashes. The plant's natural ingredients include a good amount of vitamin C, which can block plaque. It can also provide relief with gums that are swollen or bleeding.

Aloe Vera leaves are comprised of three parts: skin, gel and the latex. The gel contains vitamins and nutrients that shield the skin from harmful UV radiations of the sun. It helps to ease skin disorders like Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis. It also helps to relieve insect stings and bites. It has antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties. It also contains antioxidants that help to keep the skin healthy. And Aloe Vera can also be eaten, cooked or raw.

For any amount that you would like to donate, we will give you an Aloe Vera plant for free that's been raised here at the Institute. To arrange, please contact Paula. Thank you.

T. Jones


When I am upset with someone or a situation, I really just think, does it matter if I was going to die today? Is it such a big deal after all?

Would I be upset if I was going to die today?? Well if we know we are going to die tomorrow, we won't waste time on those meaningless events where our mind goes on and on criticizing, judging, rejecting others.

Death is the ultimate "reminder" that we should not waste time or effort on things which do not matter. It is said that the strongest emotion at the time of death is regretting all the things we could have done, and all the opportunities we missed.

When death comes knocking at our door, there is no escape. Everything that we chased after in this life will be left behind. There's nothing we can take with us to our next life except our little acts of kindness, our merits.

Time is short and precious and imagining my death, my very last moments, I am asking myself:

  1. What have I really done with my life?
  2. Who have I benefited or helped in any way?
  3. What are the things I really wanted to do?
  4. Why haven't I done them?
  5. What was stopping me?
  6. What can I do now?

"At the end of your life you're going to look back at all those things which so preoccupied you, and you'll realize you could have used the same energy to bring the machine into the waking state." Lying there on our deathbeds, we finally understand that the only thing left is our breath, God's love for us and our love for God, and anything we might have done to really work on with the essential part of ourselves.


Michele Marie


Your PLP Influence Kit consists of a Past Life Deck, 30 Orb Flash Drive and a PLP ( Past Life Pain) Pendant.

You get 30 Past Life Cards in the Past Life Deck -- each one connects to a time-zone that has formed a large and important part of your spiritual life over thousands of years, local time.

Impingements from these past lives into the present life cause an incredible amount of impact on daily life and activities. Past Life Hooks are like barnacles -- they stick to you no matter where you go, and they can influence you greatly, and affect your day with needless misery and suffering.

So you want to "cast off" the "hooks" of past life pain. This is achieved through a series of affirmations

E.J. Gold, from the PLP Influence Kit booklet

I looked up the word Affirmation in the dictionary. The word which came closest to my experience this morning running the Orb was assurance.

Using both the deck to discover the obstacle card and running the Orb with the associated affirmations, I find gives my Work Self support. It is a real tangible feeling. Past life impactions lift off and I feel bolstered afterwards. There is new confidence and a sense of inner strength which enhances the ability to invoke presence and manifest Beingness. With the influence of the Being being more pronounced, there is a slower, more even life pace and many, many more random acts of kindness and gentleness appear.
Jewel McInroy


Exciting news from SciFi Radio Theater! You can now download and listen to chapters of our current story, The Seed by Dan Thomas. Look for "Back Stage with SciFi Radio Theater" to select the latest episode.

SFRT is a group of Thespians coming together weekly to bring to life science fiction stories that have been recommended by E.J. to give us a glimpse through tales of travels in the Bardos. Each story is chosen for its relevance and insight to our own situation as primates, navigating the twists and turns of what we call human existence.

Pocket Casts:
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by Horace L. Gold & L. Sprague de Camp

Editor's Note: If you have not read this novel, available from Gateways Books or, I wish to alert you that...this metaphysical fantasy from the late 1930s is astoundingly relevant to the Trump presidency! Events like the gig economy; the cult of entrepreneurship; the disintegration of labor unions; the erosion of democratic institutions; and much more is foreshadowed in this novel. And you will truly recognize the likeness of Lucifer (AKA Mr. Johnson) to you-know-who. The title comes from an old quote that begins: "Of all the inhabitants of the inferno, none but Lucifer knows that hell is hell" Anyway, it's a brilliant work by Horace Gold and highly recommended reading by his son and heir E.J. Gold.--Iven Lourie

Chapter VI -- an excerpt

LUCIFER SAT DOWN, laughing. He didn't roar with diabolical amusement; he used a spasmodic chuckle, as if he were merely laughing, at a story at a businessmen's luncheon.
"I must give you credit," he gasped. "You do have a remarkable amount of nerve."
"Well, the idea of coming to Lucifer with a proposition of that sort. You know who I am, yet you dare ask me for a partnership. It takes blind, insane courage--"
"Oh, no!" Hale grinned rather smugly. "I hold the whip hand, Lucifer. When you do that, you don't really need courage."
"Really?" Lucifer leaned forward interestedly. "You have the whip hand over me?"
"Precisely, Lucifer."


Two things to remember and look up about in the archives: The God Particle and Quantum Magic Videos and how to work with them! Of course there was music, and then, a first: via Zoom, you (out there in the world) were able to attend the community meeting live with us on workshop Sunday. We included the picture with the candles just because it felt so cool going into the workshop space seeing it. In Gorby's Cafe, at lunch, just because ... you remember.


During our recent Memorial Day Weekend Workshop, we had our bi-monthly Community Meeting attended by local and online community members. We were thirty-four people strong.

The meeting was started with a talk by E.J. about expanding our circle. Expanding the circle increases our necessity. The more people relying on IDHHB for our services, the more necessity we have.

He encouraged those in attendance to experience the Quantum Magic Videos and offer the experience to others. He emphasized the fact that the videos are easily accessible anytime, because they can be viewed on a cell phone simply by visiting Quantum Magic Videos.

He also spoke about the recent development of the God Particle. It's a thumb drive which can be worn on a simple chain or customized with special beads as a necklace. You can "Stay In Touch" with the God Particle.

In the business part of our meeting, we covered the various areas in which we are currently working and discussed other ways to expand our circle.

Working on expanding the circle is very important because we want to insure the work E.J. has done over his past lives to continue into the future. Without the energy, ideas, suggestions and financial support from the group, we wouldn't be able to do that. So, to those who are participating in our group efforts -- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Barbara Haynes


We really enjoyed the report at the larger Community meeting today, May 26, about the gathering in Spain two weeks ago.

There was lots of fun, laughter and various work-related activities with a group of 16 serious, capable and a-joy-to-be-around participants, most of whom have current and past experience in IDHHB's work.

Per Fred's first report:

Many in attendance thought it was important that all the cardinal points in Spain were represented. Plus, there were representatives of the Americas too.

From the Canary Islands: Carmen, David Garcia, Yasmina, Yayi, Alejandro (el Salvador).
From Andalucia: Estrella, Isabel, Marilo.
From Galicia: Manuel.
From the Basque Country: Amaya.
From Catalonia: Begonya.
From Madrid: Jose "Pepe".
From Avila: Helena, Fred (North America).
From Paraguay: Francisco (Argentina).
From North America: Tito (Bolivia).

This photo is from dinner Friday evening.


Image is showing Ketav sensing the CQR circuits.