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March 2019 Bardo Buzz (01-01)

Secrets Of The Sufi Way by E. J. Gold

Mezar-e-Chariff, 4 August

Dear ones, Beloved of God:

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and well on your way toward taking an active part join the Work. We here wish with all our beings for each of you to succeed in the Great Aim.

Allow me now to explain to you some ideas about the beginning stages of our work to help meet the obligation of a human being for the fulfillment of God's plan for human beings of the planet Earth.

As you are already aware, the appearance on Earth of the race of humans is a crucial event in the life of the universe. The act of being human is a necessary and important stage in the evolution of the planet...And more importantly to you, in the personal evolution of the being.

It allows us to actively participate in self-evolution by fusing the intellectual, emotional and physical centers into a single unified presence through the process of intentional suffering; to perfect ourselves through conscious labors; and to attain crystallization of the soul through the process of the collection and transformation of higher substances.

To be human is a sanctification not possible in any other form. Human beings have the unique property of being potentially able to make the special conscious efforts necessary to help God.

Because of this unique property, we have the chance to perfect ourselves automatically, through the means of taking upon ourselves a special obligation.

to be continued....

Each issue of The Buzz comes with an installment of The Joy of Sacrifice.

A Reader's Perspective

How can Essence operate the Organism? What is Alchemical Fire? .... Work on Self; Developing an Essential Self, the genuine part of man; Ethics and the Sacrifices one must make as they journey thru the Corridor of Madness.

Joy of Sacrifice is a must read if you are serious about Practical Work On Self, (another book by E.J.Gold). Take a look at it and you may want to read both at the same time.
Commentary by K.W.


When the idea for writing Every Day a Holy Day came to me I wasn't thinking or planning to write a book.

I was working in the kitchen preparing dinner on a Wednesday afternoon and the thought came to me that there were so many ways to use kitchen work as a way to remember myself, to recognize different spaces, to be present. Once that thought had taken hold, the title followed.

Some of the exercises I had been using for years, and others were new to me. When a new exercise came through, I would make notes about what experience I'd had. If it had been useful to me it could be useful to others.

How to illustrate the book seemed to "pop" into my head. I had been doing simple drawings for some months-- the dreaded "number eleven" exercise in E.J.'s book Draw Good Now.

They seemed to fit the simplicity of the exercises and so there it was. The book had come together.

Since Every Day a Holy Day has been published I hear folks find it useful which is what I had hoped would happen.

I invite anyone who has used the exercises to write in with your experiences questions, comments or suggestions. You can send them to the email address at the end of this email.

and this is my first newsletter contribution.

One of the most loved as well as challenging hats I wear at the Institute is the work with the animals, as a gardener and builder and creating an environment worthy of a good life for the resident garden chickens.

It really is part of an attempt for an integrated garden, where chickens have their place as well as so called weeds and grasses for pollinators and other insects, room for mushrooms, and various vegetables, berries and fruit. It is a balancing act on many levels, and it is very much still a project in progress.

As you may already know, one can turn any exploration into a practice. Go really deep and when you do that, the source will reveal itself. So it is with this and I hope you are interested in reports and news from this part of the land happenings.

So, for the actual news: we've got eggs again!!! The girls started laying a couple of weeks ago, now that molting is well behind them and the days are getting longer again. This is good news for a few people who love those eggs and for some of you who are visiting; it means you get to taste them.



A few years back I entered EJ.'s office. He had his back to me, working at his computer. As I stood there, waiting for him to finish, I was aware of how "out of it" I was. I didn't feel connected to anything - everything had a surreal nature about it - I lacked direction and it was upsetting.

When he turned around, I told him what was happening. Swiveling his chair, he opened a YouTube channel of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. Mr Bergen was a famous ventriloquist from the 1940's and Charlie was his vent doll. The Cloister joined us as we enjoyed several clips. Then E.J. closed the channel and left. He didn't say a word! I was totally left the dark.

Years later, visions of that morning in EJ.'s office came flooding in.

I was in a similar state and needed help. The Voyager's Prayers from the ABD kept coming to mind. I began repeating it over and over again.

"May I be lead by the Guide of the Labyrinth

May the Great Mother be my protector

May I be lead safely through the shocking ambushes of the labyrinth

And into the realm of the pure and shining void"

As I repeated this passage, the emotions, thoughts and sensations of the organic began to dissipate. Peace descended, reverberating the words "lead by the Guide of the Labyrinth."

This was not "my show". I was in a different world. The machine had surrendered. Like a puppet, I was being directed by other, non-organic influences. I was connected with the world I wanted to live in.

So that is what he meant - I needed to surrender, go limp, trust something else to guide me - become a puppet, an instrument for the Work.

I'd like to share and receive experiences like this from you. Send me one of yours and perhaps they will be of benefit to others as well.



What can a reader expect from an appellation like that? I chose the word "musings" because it covers a wide scope like an observation, a realization, a retelling of an event or story, an excerpt from a gorebaggtv program - many of which I am in the studio to video tape and take notes on -an exercise to work with along with commentary from me or others, a reference to Bardo instructions from the American Book of the Dead (ABD) or something as simple as what I'm thinking about.

"Labyrinth Reader" is used in the broadest context. I am what is referred to as a Labyrinth Reader because I deliver the reading of a chamber from the American Book of the Dead (ABD), from one version or another, to a voyager(s) every day, twice a day.

In addition, I look at walking the path of my life as passing through the labyrinth. If this concept is new to you or you read it 30 years ago, I recommend reading E.J. Gold's book Life in the Labyrinth.

For this column my definition of a Labyrinth Reader is one who reads the path, guides, signs, indicators, spaces, guidelines and realized perceptions that appear along one's way in order to take intentional steps on the path, when one is able, along with pursuing the aim of working harmoniously with the group one is with in "the chamber" at the moment.

To close I leave you with this, "The veil is not in the mind, but in the heart. Only the heart will lift the veil...." - E.J. Gold, Life in the Labyrinth


It is E.J.'s "fullest intention to make Prosperity Path available to those who would ordinarily never dream of trying to change their lives toward the better. 'Do No Harm' is the Hippocratic Oath, and is the very heart of Prosperity Path."

Here, at IDHHB, we introduce many different practices, exercises and various activities, from different books, blogs, videos, games, classes, workshops, etc., so on and so forth, in order to include such activities as, for instance:

  • Practicing for 5 minutes a day or longer on a musical instrument, such as the guitar, drum, ukulele, or one of various other instruments.
  • Being a part of LRS (Labyrinth Readers' Society) which offers the opportunity to learn to do readings from the ABD (American Book of the Dead) for folks who are in need of healing readings for themselves or for others. Also, 49-Day readings for the benefit of folks who have passed and are in need of help to get through the Bardos.
  • In the "Ashram" in Second Life, folks participate in various meditations and special readings, as well as joining in other activities presented.
  • Participation in being part of the audience during the reading of different Science Fiction stories, or participation in reading a character's role from a story chosen for the week.
  • Playing suggested video games every day to learn such things as traveling through the Bardos, building your attention, and other exercises.
  • The exercise of writing a book on a chosen topic . . . or even 2 or more books on other topics.
  • Practicing the Movements postures, Rhythmics, etc. every day.
  • In terms of Brane-Power Crystal Quantum Radio biofeedback devices and various amulets, "What you're doing is you're tuning into telepathic communication by eliminating the Beta and focusing on Theta and Alpha".
  • PLS - Past Life Survey or Parallel Life Survey or Present Life Survey - activities for performing essence tasks. Each type can serve to exercise your special attention.

There is so much more to discover and become involved in. We welcome you to join us anytime.


Eating consciously is a lifelong learning. One does not become expert at listening to one's signals by
snapping one's fingers, especially when one has ignored them for several years. By being a little more conscious every day of our food, it becomes possible to identify the reasons that drive us to eat, to be more attentive to our environment, to our reactions and to the signals that our body sends us. After some time, it allows us to better understand the triggers of observed behaviors such as eating in the absence of hunger, exceeding the feeling of satiation or eating to fill an emotion.

One can take the time to feed oneself consciously where the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the foods are still vibrant with the beautiful energy of the sun and the Earth using local products and bios as possible as well as seasonal.

Living in tune with nature's rhythm makes us more aware and appreciative of the beauty around us. We can live in balance with our surroundings; embracing the natural rhythm of things also helps simplify our lives.

One can learn the importance of food and the consciousness that is maintained while preparing and eating food each day. Preparing the food and eating the food while in a state of peace and relaxation allows the digestive organs to function efficiently as they assimilate and distribute nutrients to the cells. In addition to helping the digestive system, pure thoughts infuse the food with positive energy. This energy enters our cells like a peaceful tune, inspiring them to dance and sing harmoniously.

The kitchen is the heart of the community; it is an invocational space, a sacred space, a temple with no chatter or gossip of any kind.

"The very first lesson is no unnecessary talk in the kitchen. Chatter breaks up the waves of light that are continually descending on the kitchen. If you analyze what you're about in the kitchen, you'll have a lot more attention on it than if you just let loose with a stream of chatter. High attention is one major factor in improving the psychic level of your kitchen." (EJ Gold)

"One should say at the beginning of each meal, 'I wish to remember myself', at the same time holding in mind the image of Sanctuary. The kitchen is the center of the work, the table the receptive to the Grace of God and the Sanctuary is the source of their power. To remain quiet, yet attentive, is best. To make all quiet inside is one of the foremost admonitions of the work space." (Joy of Sacrifice by EJ Gold)



"When you have jumped off the body

the mind goes too.
So, what's left?
It's called the essential self.
So what does it do?
Does it think?
Does it consider anything?
Does it have a memory?
Does it know anything?
Does it have a self-sense?

It's kind of like H.A.L. asking:

"Will I dream?"

EJ on the Essential Self