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Labor Day Convention

Saturday, September 5 6:30 am to 12 noon; 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Sunday, September 6 6:30 am to 12 noon

An important message especially for you from E.J. Gold

"If you hope and expect to survive the next few years you need this workshop."

"This announcement is very important. It's about our Labor Day Convention at which time I always unveil the latest breakthroughs.

I hope to see you at the Labor Day Convention and I hope you encourage others to do the same. I believe that we will get a lot of our very basic daily living and daily working issues handled.

This is so important in the Covid "new normal" times and that's why I wanted to isolate this message and make it important enough to get your undivided attention.

If you hope and expect to survive the next few years you need this workshop. Please write me and tell me what I would have to say to you to get you to come to this workshop.

I hope you are there for the reveal at this super important Zoom event and do NOT let money issues stand in your way. If you need help, you'll get help.

As I would pray for someone's health, I pray that you will attend the Labor Day Convention. Online attendance only. You will need to be able to get onto Zoom which will cost you nothing."

See you there!!!
Gorby (E.J. Gold)

Pay what you can No one will be turned away.

We want to make attending the Labor Day Convention, Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 6 as easy as possible. Because we all we find ourselves in a time of financial uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, E. J. and the IDHHB work community would like to invite all who wish to attend the Labor Day Convention to come regardless of your budget. We suggest $100.00 but you decide what fits your budget.

Pay what you can. No one will be turned away.

Please contact us for scholarships, if needed.