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Ishtar Celebration at IDHHB

April 5 - 8, 2012

(Thursday eve. registration)

Onsite and Online

Topics covered during the Festival of Ishtar:

  • Cooking for the Essence
  • Zen Gardening & Bonsai
  • Water Elements for Feng-Shui Quantum Effects
  • Children & Education for Conscious Life
  • Healing with Matrix & CQR Ammies
  • Beginning Trance-Dance
  • Game Design to Unlock the Higher Self
  • Organizing a Study Group
  • How to Succeed at Business Without Really Trying
  • Creating Your Own Job
  • Putting the Life Back Into Your Life
  • Making Something From Nothing
  • Quantum Mechanics and Time Travel
  • Interdimensional Travel
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Coinology & The Matrix
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Wellness for The Work
  • Chanting for Wellness & Prosperity
  • Objective Prayer

Festival of Ishtar

Easter Workshop 2012

SuperBeacon & Matrix

One of the interesting things that was turned up by the recent Matrix Workshop is that it's possible to manipulate quantum effects by mental direction.

Another is the use of "Unlocking Postures" in the presence of your altar matrix. This is a very powerful process.

Still, another interesting item is the use of browser games in relation to Matrix and the SuperBeacon, as direct-experience shamanic training devices. There's more, lots more here and on the horizon!

I'll be introducing all of these new and exciting discoveries -- and more -- in the upcoming Festival of Ishtar at IDHHB during the celebration of the same event under the name "Easter" by most of the population.

We will be using very festive tents and each participant will dress in costume for the annual "Come As You Were" Reincarnation Party.

To register or for more information, write us, or call 530-271-2239

Price: $500

On Site Workshop Tuition: $500.00 (includes meals -- however, accommodations are handled separately)

Price: $250

Online Workshop Tuition: $250.00

Please contact us for scholarships, if needed.

In addition, I'll be personally directing the kitchen for three meals each day, plus I'll prepare some interesting soul-nourishing snack foods for you, and I'll teach you how to use the food and impressions to feed the Essential Self and make it stronger, give it more will-power over the machine!

Among all the meals, you'll get two dinners, two lunches and two breakfasts made by me, plus recipes and goodies to take home with you, including cookies, cakes, a special sauce and best of all, a bonsai plant that you and I made!!! I'll show you how!

And . . . maybe the best of all . . . you get to see how we work in the Chocolate Factory, and you get to see our secrets, and to try some samples and you can take some home if you want to!!! The chocolate we use is pure, organic single-source from a protected canopy environment and is fair-traded. It's 89% rich and dark, and is a well-known health-food for brain, nervous system and other recognized and accepted benefits.

You'll have an opportunity to work with me in my zen garden, and in the food garden as well. You'll go home with some of our special wonderful produce, home-grown here in Gorebagg's Garden!

You will have a chance to sample some of my cheeses, kefir and yogurt preparations from my "Mad-Cow Dairy" -- I'm looking for a backer to open this organic dairy production plant, and get it accepted nation-wide.

If time allows, there will also be a board-game event and other fun things around the program, or programme, if you're reading this in Canada or the U.K. . . .

You'll have an opportunity to ask questions about the Godd Game Editor, and to personally see and try tabletop game demos and handle your uncertainties.

You will be offered some of my "Dangerously Delicious Desserts" -- a restaurant idea I had many years ago and for which I'm looking for an owner-operator -- prepared personally by me, selections of pastry delights, the exclusive recipes of which are included in my spiral-bound menus of culinary invention, a rather expensive and unusual cook-book of 4th Way Cookery, for which I'm currently looking for a very strong wild-eyed risk- taker type co-publisher.

You'll experience several other restaurant-idea foods, such as my Objective Omelette and my Turkish Taco, both of which could become chains and make it to the top.

One more item . . . the Brane-Wave. Folks are asking, "What is it???" I hadn't planned to introduce it yet, but the cat is definitely out of the bag.

Fair question.

The Brane-Wave is a Path-Switching Ammy that selects Brane-Wave Patterns alongside, but not directly in, the path of the 2012 disaster, meaning it selects alternative worlds that are nearby -- but largely unaffected by -- the December 21, 2012 predicted world's end.

If you're still standing on December 22nd, 2012, it clearly worked.

Should your Brane-Wave Switcher fail to operate correctly, you can send it back for a full refund. Seriously, check with Yanesh for availability and shipping dates. Can be used in a chest-array, as many are now doing, or kept separately in a pouch, although most ammies like company.

Oh, yes . . . a "warmed" amulet will operate better than a "cold" amulet. They respond well to a little owner-attention now & then . . . You can "feed" an amulet with certain mental, emotional and physical efforts, which will be demonstrated at the Festival.

Brane-Wave is also the name of a browser game on which I'm currently working . . . name suggested, of course, by the upcoming Brane-Wave Ammy.

I guess there'll be a lot of music, too, and flamenco dancing, the works!!! I hope to see you there -- it should be quite a gathering and a fun work-event.

I might have time and energy to do a bit of painting and to conduct a watercolor class, but we'll see about that when the time comes.

Well, that's all the news from Mount Idy.


Ishtar Celebration at IDHHB

April 5 - 8, 2012

(Thursday eve. registration)

Onsite and Online