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What People are Saying about the Inner Circle Workshops . . .

Was truly wonderful to feel the presence of the Institute and E.J.'s teachings so immediately in our own home last weekend. We felt connected again, as if we had been down to Calif. Was rejuvenating and inspiring, to get moving on working with the Work more. -- Mary D., Nelson, BC

The workshop was very strong, and in fact when I maximized the screen, I believed I was getting the radiation from the screen ... The first workshop on the Chamber was great ... I always pick up new stuff [and even where I have heard something before it's] as though the other times I could not get it or see it all, and I am sure when I see it again there will be new "old" stuff too. The 2nd workshop is to be about actually using the Altar. I don't know what else to say but it was very strong resonance with the chamber on both days. -- J. Bains, Vancouver

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Official Online Inner Circle Workshop with E.J. Gold & Claude Needham

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