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HUGS (4 box)
HUG (close up)

HUGS Chocolate Delight

Price: $20

Box of 4

"HUGS" takes you up and keeps you there."

Made with very healthy ingredients, Love and 100% organic cacao. We have many years of experience making healthy foods for others. If anyone you know needs a HUG -- we can send them one on your behalf.

"HUGS take me up and keep me there." -- S, Denver

"More than just delicious. It's prasad." E.J. Gold

"A great presentation and delicious. I am a chocolate connoisseur . These are the best!" D.B., NYC

"Hugs are my gift to myself." V.F-- Sunny California

"Immediately ordered five more boxes before I finished my first one. I have friends that need these Hugs." Daniel G, Montreal

"Going to turn my family and friends onto the Hugs, cute name. Such a gift at a time like this." Benny J, Florida

"I can tell the HUGS are made with Love." M.A., Sierras

"I'm recommending HUGS for you. I eat them all the time myself and I am so glad we are making them to send out to our friends." Jinjer Rojjers

"I really love the boost I get from the hugs." J.M., Penn Valley CA

"Love the silky texture." S.S., Alberta

"Man, that IS chocolate." M.E., Boulder

"Sooo Good. I want more!" J.R., California

"In it together" E.J. Gold