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The Way of Service

Is chocolate sales the way of service? No. Some say there are as many ways of service as there are people in the world to be helped. We prefer to think of it as "there are as many ways of service as there are moments of opportunity.

Using The Kit is a method that lets you reach deep down inside yourself and turn on a switch that you can't get your hands on -- at least not directly. This is the switch that you must activate in order to enter into the Way of Service.

No one else can activate this switch for you. This is something you have to do for yourself. "But, didn't you say I can't get my hands on this switch directly?" Yes, that's true. "So, what can I do?" The Kit is an answer to this dilemma.

If you can manage to bind yourself to the task of selling chocolates using The Kit you will through your own self-initiated efforts activate that inner switch.

The Kit is like a bag of tools. If you apply yourself as directed using this bag of tools you will build what needs to be built in order for the impossible to happen.

Photo image of The Kit filled with a supply of chocolate bars.

The Kit: Your Personal Mobile Chocolate Shop

Chocolate sales is the one totally accessible, wind and water method of making real change in your life. Does this mean selling any chocolate, any time, in any ol' fashion works? No! There is a method. There is a proper way to go about this. Not to worry though, it is simple. And, it can even be easy -- once you apply yourself to it.

Making real change in your life involves much more than a diet, a new wardrobe, a makeover, a life partner, and a personality adjustment. Those are superficial. While they may feel important, they don't reach down into the core of your being to scratch that itch that has been nagging at you these past fifteen trillion years. The one method we can recommend that will actually get down to the heart of the matter is the Way of Service.

Once you enter the Way of Service you will not be the same. You will have put yourself on the path you've been searching for.

To access the Way of Service requires special conditions. Fortunately for us, E.J. Gold has created those conditions in the mobile chocolate shop called The Kit.

The wind and water method refers to the kinds of dramatic monumental changes that can occur through the application of gentle action over time. The Grand Canyon is an example of this. The flow of rain and river over the course of many millenia has carved this spectacular feature into the earth.

Not only can slow and steady win the race, it can win it in a most spectacular fashion. Trick is you have to stick to it.

The Kit, developed by E.J. Gold works with your own self-initated effort to bring about this change. No sudden shocks, nothing sneaking up on you when you aren't looking. This is a fully user operated system. We just supply the bag, the chocolates, and the method. The rest is up to you.