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Gorby's Chocolates

All our handmade chocolate specialty products are created with pure rich 70% and 80% Belgian chocolate which meets or exceeds the Rainforest Alliance, Organic Certification Program and Fairtrade Practices. There is no richer or finer chocolate available on the planet.

Heart Truffles by  E.J. Gold

Heart Truffles

Delicious ganache-filled truffles by E.J. Gold. More info

Magic Mojo Truffles by  E.J. Gold

Magic Mojo Truffles

Solid semi-sweet dark Dutch chocolates with a Blessing... More info...

Infinity Chips by  E.J. Gold

Infinity Chip Chocolates

. Chocolate Infinity Chips charged for time travel and other adventures ... More info...

fine art chocolate bar by  E.J. Gold

Chocolate Obsessions website

. Commercial Dutch dark fine art chocolate wheels and bars drawn and / or sculpted by artist E.J. Gold ... More info...

A photo gallery of Chocolate with E.J. Gold

Photo Gallery

. A photo gallery of Chocolate with E.J. Gold ... More info...

A photo of 32 Infinity Wafers by E.J. Gold

32 Infinity Wafers

by E.J. Gold for the Parallel World DayTripper Excursions ... More info...

Red Bags of Courage Sales Kits by E.J. Gold

Red Bags of Courage

. Sales kit of Life Sucks Then You Die wrapped chocolate bars ... More info...

Fine Art Box handpainted by  E.J. Gold holds 4 Magic Mojo Truffles

Fine Art 4-Box

Fine Art Box handpainted by E.J. Gold holds 4 Magic Mojo Truffles ... More info...


Good News! Chocolate has a very definite function in spiritual development and in the path of service. Not just any ol' chocolate works in this way. Fortunately EJ has found the perfect chocolate for the job. And, it comes right from his very own chocolate kitchen.

Turns out invocational chocolates must be produced in an invocational kitchen. Thus explaining why the chocolates from his kitchen are so different.

Poke around on these pages and be prepared to be delighted, tantalized, and amazed.

E.J. Gold with chocolate prasad

Feed Your Spirit!

Chocolate Prasad from E.J. Gold

"It's not just treats, they're spiritual treats. They're sweet and solid, made the way Barton's and Barricini made them 50 years ago." -- Brane-Power® Founder & Chocolate Obsessions Chocolatier E.J. Gold

Ever wonder what Great Secret the Ancients Possessed?

Actually, it was chocolate. Spiritized chocolate. There is good evidence that the Pharaohs were heavily into chocolates long before the French even had their revolutionary truffles.

Chocolate is the answer to many of the problems experienced today, just as it was in ancient times.

Chocolate is best when ingested, along with wine, cheese and coffee or tea. It's generally not a good idea to collect chocolate except when it's made into a signed and numbered art object, which we offer on the chocolate art pages.

Magical Rituals featuring chocolate are well known; the Ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, Akkadians and Egyptians all used chocolate to summon the Gods to their table after dinner.

In Ancient Times, the cacao bean was pounded in a flattish round stone bowl, then mixed with butter, cream and Grand Marnier to achieve a finished tone and magical effect. Sometimes exotic seeds were crushed and added, and sometimes the dried flower of a favorite plant might be added.

Many wall and amphora paintings depict the Ancient Egyptians looking very cooled out after having their evening's ration of chocolate truffles.

Truffles were first made in the 7th Dynasty by Abi Nor Mal the Chocolatier to Pharaoh Bob. The tradition was carried forward by a long line of patisserie chefs to the Kings of Egypt until the recipe was lost in the infamous Purse of Hat Shep Sut, along with her shopping list.

Only recently has the recipe been rediscovered:

Hamburger, 3 lbs.
Onions, 1 lb.
Radishes, 1/2 lb.
Bread Crumbs, 3 lbs.
Ketchup, 1 bottle

Oops, sorry. That must be the shopping list. We'll keep looking for that Early Egyptian Truffle Recipe.